Rockets may lose opportunity to sign superb free agent flier

Golden State Warriors v Houston Rockets
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James Harden's trade to the LA Clippers had an unexpected drastic impact on the Houston Rockets, as it created an opportunity for Rockets GM Rafael Stone to add shooters that were essentially cast aside by the Sixers. And based on the Rockets' lack of 3-point snipers on the roster, this was surely a tantalizing proposition. 

However, the Rockets may not have the opportunity to reel in Danny Green, one of the suggested targets by yours truly, as he may be on the verge of staying in Philadelphia after getting released, according to the highly reliable Chris Haynes.

The fact that Green is willing to consider returning to the Sixers is proof of why the Rockets should want him, as it takes a great deal of humility to put one's ego aside, considering the manner in which he was let go by the Sixers. If you recall, Green stated that he had just gotten unpacked in his Philadelphia home when he got the news that he was being released, which Green explained on Inside the Green Room.

Rockets on the cusp of losing out on perfect free agent wing

"It's been a roller coaster of emotions. At this point in my career, I'm used to it. Unfortunate timing of the situation. It was about 2 in the morning and I get the call from [Sixers President] Daryl and he said there was a trade that was made, and they got more players than what was sent out. And unfortunately they had to waive somebody and my contract was the one that needed to be waived.

And what was more unfortunate is that I'm 90 percent done unpacking my stuff. It was 2 in the morning, I had just took the dogs out, I come back in, I'm pretty much unpacking all day. We just moved in about a week ago, just got the family here about a week ago. The wife, the baby, the dogs.

And now it's like I've gotta figure it out."

Green is certainly past his prime but still adds value as a veteran rotational player with championship experience. In other words, he's the perfect player for Ime Udoka. Green is still a formidable defender and we know he can light it up from deep, as he made over 43 percent of his triples just last season, despite working his way back through an ACL injury.

And there aren't many better catch-and-shoot wings on the market. But ultimately, it won't matter if Green decides to stay in Philadelphia and rejoin the Sixers.