Rockets: Picking apart an insulting Dillon Brooks trade offer

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The proposed deal

The latest trade proposal regarding Brooks comes courtesy of my FanSided counterpart Tyler Watts, who pitched the below trade offer:

Rockets get: D'Angelo Russell, Maxwell Lewis, 3 second-round picks
Lakers get: Dillon Brooks

First off, the Rockets don't exactly covet second-round picks. We know that because they spent the 2023 offseason lighting second-round picks on fire in trades. (i.e. the Usman Garuba/TyTy Washington trade to the Atlanta Hawks and the Patty Mills trade to the Oklahoma City Thunder).

Why the Lakers don't do the deal

We should also acknowledge that Brooks doesn't seem to respect LeBron James, which would give the Lakers cause for concern, as it pertains to trying to acquire him. Furthermore, the Lakers are going to be rather selective with their second-round draft capital, as that's essentially the only draft capital they'll own until 2028, which is when they'll own their first-round draft picks again outright.

Are they going to be willing to burn three second-rounders to bring in a player who doesn't respect their best player? Probably not.

Now let's get into the Rockets' end of the deal.