Rockets season still showing few surprises through tough start

Houston Rockets v Portland Trail Blazers
Houston Rockets v Portland Trail Blazers / Alika Jenner/GettyImages

The Rockets are off to a rough start to their season. At 1-5 with a difficult stretch coming up, one has to ask if this team is going to lead the league in losses again come the end of the season.

The Rockets are a fun team, but no one on the planet would ever kid themselves by saying this is a good team.

There are plenty of young up-and-comers that should have the fanbase very excited about the future of the franchise, but everyone knew there was going to be a long path ahead before this team was back to competing.

The Rockets are not good yet. This team absolutely can turn the corner at some point during the season, but struggles were always going to be a huge part of the equation for this rebuild.

Most of the guys on the roster still need time and reps to build chemistry. Injuries have also made it difficult to keep consistency, even with some of the starters. When you add all of this together and mix in a head coach that appears to be out of his depth, you have a recipe for a team that should be in range of a lottery pick come the end of the season.

Again, this is not a bad thing nor is it surprising. Houston still just needs to focus on developing players above all other things. The wins and playoffs will come down the road, but it is important to temper expectations for the time being.

For now, wins and losses shouldn't be the focal point. Player development and chemistry is how this team should be judged. The future is still very bright in Houston; the team just has to grow a little more.

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