Rockets' Sengun clears up height myth, shares personal goals, delivers promise to fans

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Since the 2023 offseason started, perhaps the greatest buzz as it pertains to the Houston Rockets, has been the rumored growth of Rockets' third-year big man Alperen Sengun. Sure, there's been chatter about the Rockets' draft picks, the Rockets' free agency plans, and the Rockets' coaching hire, but none have been more consistent than Sengun's physical changes.

Rockets second-year forward Tari Eason initially kick-started the buzz when he took to social media to tell the world that Sengun had grown.

"He's big as sh-t now," Eason stated in the social media post heard 'round the world.

On Wednesday, Sengun took it upon himself to address the speculation and tell the world exactly how much he's grown since the Rockets' regular-season finale against the Washington Wizards on April 9th. Sengun was on The Bradeaux and Will Show, which is a must-listen for Rockets fans and NBA fans alike, and ended the speculation once and for all.

"I think right now I am six-eleven. Without shoes, I think I'm six-eleven or something. When I came to the NBA, I was six-nine. And after one year they were telling me "you grew, you grew" and we measured me again and I was six-ten. Now I'm six-eleven."

Sengun stated that the fascination over his height could simply be a matter of the team forgetting how tall he originally was.

"When I came back to Houston- they hadn't seen me for awhile- and they forgot how tall I was, probably.

Tari was going crazy. He went crazy. He was like you're tall, you're tall. I think I grew a little bit but I don't think I'm seven-feet without shoes."

Sengun explained the potential reason for his growth spurt also.

"When I'm taking a break- my legs, my bones, and my body are feeling good. I think that's why maybe I've grown over the summer."

Sengun had alot more to say and we've provided a one-stop shop for each of his quotes, starting with the team's reaction to finding out that Ime Udoka was being hired as the Rockets' next head coach (next slide).