Rockets' Sengun clears up height myth, shares personal goals, delivers promise to fans

Denver Nuggets v Houston Rockets
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Reaction to Udoka's hiring

"We knew somebody was coming but we didn't know. Then we learned and my agency was happy. I was excited. Then I came to Houston and we went to dinner. It was a great dinner. Like he was just so frank with us.

We like him. We like him alot. He's been working with us and we are so excited to play with him and excited for next year. It will be so much fun, I think."

Sengun then shared his thoughts on incoming Rockets' rookies Amen Thompson and Cam Whitmore, who the Rockets selected with the fourth and 20th picks in the 2023 NBA Draft.

"I like them alot. They are good. I like them alot.

Amen doesn't think score-first. He thinks pass-first, like how can I find my teammates.

He's great on defense. He's really quick on defense.

Cam Whitmore, I think, is going to be like KJ Martin. He's very athletic and he's a shooter. He plays really good defense also. It will be really good to play with them. Amen is really oversized for a point guard. I think it will be great next year."

Sengun also shared his thoughts on teammate Jabari Smith's outer-worldly performances in the Summer League, sharing the sentiments of Rockets' fans.

"Jabari was cooking, bro. I was there for those two games. He was really cooking. He has great confidence right now and trust within himself. He's playing with great confidence right now, which is great. He finished the season really good last year. He's learning bro. He's so young. He loves to learn. He's like screaming 'I want to learn, I want to learn.' Which is what we need for our team."

Sengun then shared his thoughts on the Rockets' free-agent signings, specifically their new point guard (next slide).