Rockets' Sengun clears up height myth, shares personal goals, delivers promise to fans

Denver Nuggets v Houston Rockets
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Sengun shares thoughts on Fred VanVleet, Dillon Brooks

"We met in Vegas; Dillon, Fred, we met in Vegas. They're really good people.

Fred is a good leader. On your team, the point guard needs to be able to lead and teach. And Fred can do this for us, I think.

He's been texting everyone since he signed with Houston. I hope he teaches us alot of things. He's won a championship, he's done alot of things in this league. So I think he's gonna love to teach us things, which we need. It's gonna be good for us- all of these new players."

Sengun also shared his thoughts on the Rockets' trading away Josh Christopher, KJ Martin, TyTy Washington, and Usman Garuba, each of whom he grew up with essentially.

"Of course it makes me sad, because when I came to the NBA they were on my team. We grew up together, we learned together. What we did, we did together. So of course I was sad. Of course that made me sad but this is the NBA man. We need to be ready for everything. We don't know what's gonna happen the next day."

Sengun also explained the chemistry that he and Jalen Green, the lone survivors of the Rockets' 2021 draft class, have developed (next slide).