Rockets' Sengun clears up height myth, shares personal goals, delivers promise to fans

Denver Nuggets v Houston Rockets
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Sengun explains growth, chemistry with Rockets teammate Jalen Green

"The first year when we were playing together, we didn't play that much together because I was second-string and he was on the first-string. But we learned alot of things. We grew up together. Jalen helped me and I helped Jalen alot. We learned together. 

The first year we didn't know each other. We didn't know what each other was gonna do. But now we know each other. He knows what I'm gonna do and I know what he's gonna do. We're ready to play next year. We can't wait to play next year.

We're so ready for this. We're all working so hard right now. I think it will be so good for us next year."

Sengun then explained the Rockets' outlook on the upcoming 2023-24 season.

"This league is not easy. Whoever is playing with you, whoever came and left, this league is hard. It's the hardest league in the world. We're gonna do what we have to do. We're gonna fight in every game. We wanna make the playoffs for sure. Play-in or playoffs. We have a good team. 

But still, this league isn't easy. But we're gonna work hard. We've learned alot of little things these past two years but we were just losing. But we've been learning at the same time. This year everyone knows will be an important year for us.

And everything is so good right now; the coaching staff, the coaches; everything is so serious right now. Everyone wants to win. I literally can't wait to play next year. I can't say anything but we're going to play hard.

We need to make the playoffs or play-in. Everyone knows this. So we're gonna fight next year."

Sengun allowed listeners in on his goals for next season, which he admitted is a big year for him (next slide).