Rockets star Jalen Green receives blasphemous slight from national media giant

Houston Rockets v Washington Wizards
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There are three guarantees in life: death, taxes, and Houston Rockets shooting guard Jalen Green getting disrespected by the masses.

Every time there’s a list of any sort, Green is typically on the short end of the stick. We’ve seen this movie before.

The Ringer previously posted a Top-125 list and left Green off entirely. The Athletic left Green off their All-23- and-under Mock Draft earlier in the year.

Again, par for the course when it comes to Green. At this point it should be expected.

Even when Green is included on lists, he’s generally ranked lower than his peers and/or players on his same tier.

For example. ESPN concocted a Top-100 players list and ranked Green 80th, as he dropped 18 spots from their 2022 Top-100, in which he ranked 62nd.

Somehow he dropped, after having a much better season in 2022-23.

Go figure.

Rockets' Jalen Green receives blasphemous slight from media giant

What’s even more mind-boggling is the group of players listed higher than Green, as Scottie Barnes came in at 63, Cade Cunningham came in at 74, and Scoot Henderson came in at 78.

Let’s pause for a second there.

Henderson, who has yet to touch the floor, ranked higher than Green, who just averaged 22 points per game last season.

I can’t make this stuff up.

Cunningham is pretty much always ahead of Green on any list, however he’s been unable to stay on the floor due to injuries. That should count for something.

The overwhelming feedback regarding Green being so low on these lists is usually centered around the Rockets’ lack of wins since Green entered the league.

But why doesn’t that same rubric hold true for Cunningham, whose Detroit Pistons went 23-59 in his rookie season and 17-65 during his sophomore campaign?

At this point, you can only laugh at the obvious slights, but ESPN should do better. They should be able to set aside their anti-Rockets bias when evaluating and assessing players.

But that seems to be too much to ask.