Rockets star showing the right jump in training camp

Golden State Warriors v Houston Rockets
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Everyone already knew that Jalen Green is well on his way to being one of the most exciting offensive players in the NBA. The next step in the evolution of his game is on the defensive end of the court.

Jalen Green is the face of the Rockets. There isn't much of a way around this as an absolute fact. With Christian Wood off the team and with Eric Gordon likely on the out sooner rather than later, this team is going to live and die based on Green's ability to be a star in the modern NBA.

We have already seen what Green can do on the offensive end of the court. The final stretch of the season seemed to be where the entire game clicked for Green, and his averages through the last few weeks of the season were unreal.

That guy showing up again offensively is going to help the Rockets in a major way in 2022, but the game is played on both ends of the court. Green should still be an offensive threat above all else, but his ability to be a top-teir defender would propel his game to a new level with this young roster.

The Rockets are fortunately already starting to see these gains in Green's game.

The Rockets have obviously made turning the page on defense one of their focal points with this season. From draft picks to strategy, taking a struggling defense and just making it servicable is going to change a lot for Houston in 2022, and that change will start with the face of the franchise.

Green turning heads now bodes well for camp and the change that appears inevitable at this point.

If Jalen Green can bring the offensive star power that he found towards the end of last season and mix it with a reinvigorated defense, look for the young guard to be a favorite of the All-Star team and for the Rockets as a whole to exceed expectations.

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