Rockets predicted to make unthinkable move at the trade deadline

Phoenix Suns v Houston Rockets
Phoenix Suns v Houston Rockets / Alex Bierens de Haan/GettyImages

The Houston Rockets and San Antonio Spurs don’t necessarily like each other. Anyone familiar with either fanbase can tell you that, as both sides often trade barbs at one another.

Things came to a head over this past offseason when Victor Wembanyama pumped his fists out of joy that he wouldn’t be joining the Rockets, as he hoped to land in San Antonio instead. Spurs fans used that as an opportunity to troll the Rockets, while Rockets second-year forward Jabari Smith Jr. made sure to make a mental note of the slight.

In other words, Wemby’s actions only led to more disdain between the two parties.

Spurs up-and-coming forward Jeremy Sochan took to Instagram to mock Dillon Brooks, who had just agreed to terms with the Rockets in free agency. And footage surfaced of Rockets point guard Fred VanVleet saying “f-k Pop” at the Toronto Raptors championship parade in 2019.

There’s no love lost between the two sides.

In spite of that history, my counterpart, Michael Saenz, suggested a trade between the two teams at the deadline, which would send Jalen Green to San Antonio in exchange for…a less than ideal return.

Saenz’ logic is below.

“If the San Antonio Spurs had it their way heading into the NBA Trade Deadline, I’d imagine  they'd be looking to acquire a player who could grow alongside Victor Wembanyama. If it's indeed true that the Houston Rockets don't view Green as part of their foundational core, it could open the door for a big trade. A couple of future first-round picks and a win-now player may be enough.”

The Rockets will surely not be trading Jalen Green to the Spurs.

First off, the Rockets aren’t hurting for draft picks. And they’re not looking to add more rookies or prospect-level players.

They aren’t trading Green for draft picks. If anything, they'd move him for a star-level player.

Which the Spurs don't quite have.

As for win-now players from the Spurs, how many come to mind?

Obviously Wembanyama isn’t going anywhere and neither Keldon Johnson nor Devin Vassell are in a tier above Green, so moving Green for either of the two seems useless.

Furthermore, the Rockets aren’t trying to help the Spurs. At all.

It actively benefits them if the Spurs aren’t good, as they’re division rivals and face each other four times each season.

So, that obviously won’t be happening, although I’m sure the Spurs would love to pair Wembanyama with a young, talented player like Green.