Rockets: Why it's time to stop talking about the infamous Jalen Green videos

Houston Rockets v New York Knicks
Houston Rockets v New York Knicks / Elsa/GettyImages

If you follow the NBA even passively, you've likely seen the videos involving Houston Rockets rising star Jalen Green. If you haven't seen it, kudos to you.

(I won't be posting it, for very obvious reasons).

It seems to have become a storyline and even made it's way to Houston’s FOX News affiliate Fox 26 (before they deleted it, which is always worse).

If you managed to see the replies and quote tweets before they deleted the tweet then you'd know exactly why we shouldn't expect any other major news outlet to pick this up and cover it.

Why it's time to stop talking about the videos involving Houston Rockets guard Jalen Green

It's also a non-story. Or at least it should be.

Also, a Houston news outlet should have quite more important things to cover throughout the city than what an athlete did or didn't do a handful of years ago. Even if we wanted something basketball-related to discuss, there are quite a bit more things to report on.

How about the fact that the Rockets just traded away four players, three of which they invested first-round picks on (Usman Garuba, Josh Christopher, and TyTy Washington) and one who averaged 13 points and 6 rebounds, while making 56.9 percent of his shots last season (Kenyon Martin Jr.)?

Even if you're an NBA fan and want to argue that this is NBA related, why don't we talk about Damian Lillard finally forcing a trade after 11 seasons of unwavering loyalty to the Portland Trail Blazers? Or former Houston Rockets guard James Harden potentially being on the move again for the third time in just as many years.

Or even free agency, which saw the Rockets sign four players thus far (Fred VanVleet, Dillon Brooks, Jock Landale, and Jeff Green).

We cover athletes based on what they do on the playing surface. This is also what we base our expectations on.

That's also what they are paid for. That's why we even know who they are - because of their contributions on the court, and especially their rise to the pro ranks.

Outside of breaking the law, we shouldn't even know what they do off the court. It's their business. It's their personal lives.

Even more so if we're discussing something that happened years and years ago, which seems to be the case in this case with Jalen Green and the aforementioned former Rockets first-round pick Josh Christopher. 

At the end of the day, whatever Jalen Green (and any other athlete) wish to do in their free time isn't our business. In the same way that what we do in our own personal lives isn't their business (or anyone else's).

As long as they aren't breaking the law, why should we care? Regardless of your answer to that, it's time to move on.