Should the Houston Rockets be Interested in Cam Reddish?

Atlanta Hawks v Philadelphia 76ers
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The Houston Rockets have been rumored to have interest in Atlanta Hawks’ small forward Cam Reddish. The third-year player out of Duke is averaging career highs in points per game, 3-point shooting, and free throw shooting but finds himself at the mercy of a roster crunch and limited finances in Atlanta. 

Whenever a player becomes available, every front office needs to kick the tires. The Rockets’ interest is simply due diligence and raises three questions that need answering. 

1. How good is Cam Reddish?

Talent is everything in the NBA and for a rebuilding team like the Rockets, it should take priority over long-term fit and any extracurricular concerns. Knowing how good he is and can become is the most important concern of the Rockets.

2. What is Cam Reddish's trade value?

Gauging trade value is incredibly difficult. All it takes is one interested team to get a deal done. With that being said, coming to a good idea of Reddish’s trade value is crucial for the Rockets. Factors to consider are; talent, current and future production, contract, proximity to free agency, and organizational fit.

3. Why is Cam Reddish available?

The Atlanta Hawks are reportedly making Cam Reddish available. Anytime a young, cheap, and highly drafted player becomes available this early in their career that needs to be addressed. Sometimes there’s a roster crunch coming down the pike, which is a possible situation. In other instances, the franchise, who sees the player every day, is not convinced they want to offer them another contract. Why Cam Reddish is available helps answer a lot of questions about his talent and his trade value.

Let’s answer each question, to the best of our abilities, to see who Cam Reddish the basketball player really is. Let's start with question number three.