Should the Houston Rockets trade for Malcolm Brogdon?

Is Malcolm Brogdon a suitable trade target for the Houston Rockets?
Is Malcolm Brogdon a suitable trade target for the Houston Rockets? / Carmen Mandato/GettyImages

It's trade season in the National Basketball Association - at least, for some teams. If your team isn't in the postseason, you probably have some thoughts about who they should acquire this summer.

Media outlets have thought of their own. Recently, Bleacher Report published an article listing a trade target for every team in the Association. They chose an intriguing target for the Rockets.

Should they trade for Malcolm Brogdon?

Houston Rockets could use veteran guard

He certainly makes sense for this team on paper. Brogdon would be a super (duper) charged version of Aaron Holiday. He'd be responsible for spacing the floor alongside their stars as well as providing some secondary playmaking.

In terms of spacing the floor, Brogdon is among the league's best. He shot 41.2% from long range last year. He shot 44.4% in 2022-23. Brogdon is one of the best three-point shooters in the NBA.

He's also a vastly superior playmaker than Holiday. He averaged 7.05 assists per 75 possessions last year. Holiday's 4.05 average by the same metric pales in comparison.

Let's not mince words: Brogdon and Holiday are not comparable players. Brogdon would be a tremendous upgrade.

Does that mean the Rockets should trade for him?

Houston Rockets should name price - and stick to it

As with any proposal, it depends.

Brogdon is a high-end player. The Blazers will want a meaningful return for him. How much should the Rockets give up?

They could justify sending Portland their 2024 first-round pick by way of the Brooklyn Nets. If that pick slips in the draft, it would make for a suitable trade chip for Brogdon. On the other hand, if it jumps into the top 4, the Rockets should take the young talent.

Otherwise? Brogdon isn't worth two firsts. The Rockets could offer their 2024 first and an additional second-round pick or two. If that's not enough for Portland, the Rockets should pass.

Rest assured that we'll think of a more affordable trade target for them.