Skip Bayless likes Rockets' future, Jalen Green's shade towards Pistons

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On Monday Houston Rockets rookie guard Jalen Green clarified comments that he had made leading up to the 2021 NBA Draft. Green initially stated that he wanted to be the top selected player in the draft, which would have matched him with the Detroit Pistons, who held the top pick of the draft, after Lady Luck ruled in their favor on the night of the draft lottery.

As we now know, the Pistons would go on to draft Cade Cunningham, who was viewed as a can't-miss prospect coming out of Oklahoma State. The Pistons' decision created a Michael Jordan-like vendetta from Green, who has taken advantage of every opportunity to remind the franchise that they will regret on passing on him.

Green stated that he wanted to be the top overall pick but that he wasn't exactly thrilled about going to the city of Detroit. And although he received backlash for saying it, his comments made perfect sense, for several reasons.

Green didn't stop there, however, as he took to Instagram to post his statline against the Pistons during the Summer League, in addition to posting a photo with an "H-towwnnn" caption, pouring more gasoline on the Detroit flames. 

And although many believe that Green's slights toward the city of Detroit are a glimpse of Green's immaturity, Skip Bayless, one of the more prominent media personalities expressed an appreciation towards Green for his stance towards the Pistons.

Skip Bayless likes Houston Rockets' future, Jalen Green shade towards Pistons

The FS1 analyst explained why Green's antics have made him view the Rockets' guard more favorably on Undisputed.

"The other thing I like about Jalen Green is that he has not backed off of saying Detroit made a mistake in every interview and every chance he gets. He says I've still got that chip on my shoulder. And next year when Detroit plays Houston, I'm going to be watching that game."

Bayless also expressed his belief that the Pistons will regret passing on Green, while also pointing out how the Rockets could return to their contending ways, in part because of Green.

"I just have a sneaking suspicion that Jalen Green is going to prove to this league that he should have gone #1. He is so lightning quick coming off of picks and he gets his shot up so quick.

You just can't defend it, because he goes up so quick and shoots it so high. And he's sweet man, he's got sweet touch range. Jalen Green has a whole lot of stuff in his bag. Enough stuff that I would predict at some point down the road, he can lead this league in scoring.

All of a sudden, Rockets basketball looks like it's going to be back on the map, post James, obviously. At least they're going to be fun to watch."

Green and Cunningham will certainly be compared to one another for the entirety of their respective careers, which has become the norm with players drafted so closely. And he certainly will continue to remind the Pistons' franchise that he feels they should have drafted him.

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