The 4 most underpaid Houston Rockets heading into next season

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4. Kevin Porter Jr.

Kevin Porter Jr. has become a bit of a polarizing figure for Rockets fans. Either you hate him or you love him, it seems.

There doesn't seem to be much in between.

Many have never been able to live down KPJ's off-court issues and/or attitude issues. What's gotten lost in the shuffle is the bargain of a contract that KPJ is on with the Rockets.

Porter is still just 23-years-old and is making just $15.86 million guaranteed, which ranks 101st in the NBA and 28th among point guards, although his point guard days are surely over, following the additions of Fred VanVleet, Amen Thompson, and Aaron Holiday.

A player who can thrive as a secondary creator, who is a near 40 percent marksman from deep, who is still the youngest player to post a 50-point 10-assist game should be making more than $15.86 million. For reference, Porter ranks behind Tim Hardaway Jr., Marcus Morris, Duncan Robinson, and Evan Fournier.

Even the biggest KPJ detractor would agree that he provides more than several names on that list.

Whether you think Porter can be the Rockets' version of Manu Ginobili or you think he must disappear from the Rockets' roster expeditiously, he still remains one of only 11 players last season who had at least 1100 points, 300 assists, 300 rebounds, and 140 3-pointers made.

The others, you ask?

James Harden, Luka Doncic, Jrue Holiday, CJ McCollum, Stephen Curry, Anthony Edwards, and Jayson Tatum, Kyrie Irving, Zach LaVine, Julius Randle.

Perhaps now you see the bargain of KPJ's contract.