The 8 Greatest Rockets in history, ranked by Player Efficiency Rating (PER)

Houston Rockets v San Antonio Spurs
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3. Moses Malone- 23.8

Moses Malone is one of the greatest players in NBA history. He’s also one of the best rebounders to ever don an NBA uniform.

And he spent more time with the Rockets than he did with any other team.

The Rockets landed Malone in 1976, in exchange for two first-round picks, which was well worth it. Malone ascended into a premier star in Houston, winning two MVPs in the Space City.

He also averaged at or around 15 rebounds in five consecutive seasons with the franchise and led the league in three of those seasons.

Malone averaged 24 points and 15 rebounds in six seasons with the Rockets, while making five consecutive All-Star teams. The Rockets also made four consecutive postseason appearances with Malone and even reached the NBA Finals in 1980-81, despite being just 40-42 and being the last seed in the Western Conference standings.

Which almost never happens.

But as it’s been proven time and time again, there’s always a chance when you have a superstar. Especially a young superstar like Malone, who was just 21-years-old when he was dealt to the Space City.

Malone was by far the best player in those Finals against the Boston Celtics, averaging a series-best 22.3 points and 15.7 rebounds.

Malone remains the best rebounder in Rockets history and ranks sixth in scoring.