The Athletic lists 2 trade possibilities for the Rockets

Denver Nuggets v Houston Rockets
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The 2023-24 Houston Rockets have been a much improved unit, to the extent that many believe they're a lock for the play-in tournament. The Rockets have hung their hat on being an elite defensive unit, as they rank fourth in defensive efficiency. 

What's impressive is that the Rockets have still held down the fort without Dillon Brooks, who has missed the last eight games with an oblique injury (and still doesn't have a designated return date). Ditto for Tari Eason, who has missed the last five games consecutively and has played in 22 of 36 potential games.

This has largely been because of stellar defense from Jabari Smith Jr., in addition to improved defensive tenacity from Alperen Sengun. But for as impressive as the Rockets' defense has been, the offense has been equally unimpressive. 

2 potential trade targets for Rockets GM Rafael Stone

We're talking bottom ten in offensive efficiency unimpressive. The Rockets' lack of shooting is still an issue, in addition to the Rockets' lack of shot-making. And don't get me started on the lack of secondary bigs on the roster, which has forced Jeff Green into a bigger role than anticipated.

However, the Rockets have the draft capital to make the necessary changes to become legitimate contenders, and The Athletic’s Zach Harper listed two potential targets for the Rockets.

On the next several pages, we'll dive into the players listed by Harper.