The Athletic lists 2 trade possibilities for the Rockets

Denver Nuggets v Houston Rockets
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1. Bojan Bogdanovich

The Rockets' best long-range shooter has been Aaron Holiday, who has turned into a makeshift sniper (41.1 percent from deep) although the volume suggests otherwise 3.1 attempts). In other words, the Rockets need a legitimate long-range shooting threat.

Enter Bojan Bogdanovic, who is one of just 11 players in the league with averages of 20 points per game and 40 percent from distance (19.8 points and 40.7 percent from three on 7.4 attempts). Bogdanovic is best served on a team that will allow him to find his spots and launch away from deep.

With two viable creators in Fred VanVleet and Alperen Sengun, Houston could be the perfect environment for Bogdanovic. Granted, it won't be easy to pry Bogdanovic from Detroit, as the Pistons have strangely made him untouchable, despite him being one of their rare assets.

Not to mention the fact that he's taking away minutes from their younger prospects. 

On the Pistons, Bogdanovic is asked to facilitate and play defense- two things he's not known for.

Ime Udoka could maximize Bogdanovic's skillset. And Bogdanovic's contract status ($19 million partially guaranteed in 2024-25) makes him even more valuable.