Three options for the Houston Rockets with the 20th pick

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Option Three: Dereck Lively II

Dereck Lively was a remarkable prospect this year at Duke, and is the second-best rim protector in the draft. Of course, Victor Wembenyama ranks atop the list, but he doesn't count, since he's in a class of his own.

Dereck Lively did suffer multiple injuries this season but he still managed to be productive when on the floor, as blocked 2.4 shots per game in only 20.9 minutes of action early in the year. Fast forward to the end of the collegiate season and Lively truly came into his own, averaging 6.4 points, 7.4 rebounds, and 2.8 blocks through the last 14 games of Duke's season.

The main issue with Lively is his almost nonexistent offensive game, but there's reason to believe that his offensive game can improve. Personally, I feel Lively would be a great fit for the Rockets as Alperen Sengun often struggles defensively. and he could help the Rockets hide Sengun's woes on that end.

For this reason, drafting Lively gives the Rockets a true rim protector and defensive-oriented center.

NBA comparison: As for an NBA comparison for Lively, I would go with Jaxson Hayes, Tyson Chandler, or Willie Cauley Stein. Former Rockets center Clint Capela is also a good comparison.