To Trade or Not to Trade: The Houston Rockets Christian Wood Question 

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The Houston Rockets are 11-29, sit in last place in the Western Conference, and have the third-worst winning percentage in the league. However, the season has had its bright spots. There was the seven-game winning streak, the discovery of Garrison ‘Gary Bird’ Mathews, Jalen Green’s continued growth, and the emergence of Alperen Sengun as potentially the steal of the 2021 NBA draft. 

For a team in a rebuild, everything is going according to plan. Rookies and young players are getting court time, lottery odds are keeping the Rockets in play for the number one pick, and veterans have played well enough to keep their trade value. 

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The Rockets Christian Wood Conundrum

Christian Wood has been the source of much debate in the Rocketsphere. He’s the Rockets' best player and on a great contract, but being the best player on the Rockets means he’s the best player on one of the three worst teams. He has also become a source of internal drama.

This season, Wood's behavior has increasingly become a topic. He allegedly didn't shoot for an entire half to prove a point about a lack of touches, he routinely complains to the referees and teammates if his shot doesn't fall, and he was just suspended a game for a combination of breaking team rules, lack of effort, and refusing to reenter the game.

There's reason to believe that Wood, regardless of his tweets, is unhappy with the situation in Houston. Whether it's over his role or the fact that the Rockets are losing, there's enough smoke to believe the relationship is beginning to fracture.

There's also the reality that Wood's production has dipped this season. He is scoring less and shooting worse, eating into his main asset as a player. Some believe he should be built around as the franchise cornerstone, while others believe he is the trade chip that can help land the Rockets a true franchise cornerstone.

Before we get into if the Rockets should trade or keep Christain Wood, we need to examine his strengths, weaknesses, and contract.