To Trade or Not to Trade: The Houston Rockets Christian Wood Question 

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Christian Wood’s contract

When the Rockets landed Christian Wood on a three years and $41 million contract through a sign-and-trade with the Detroit Pistons, the franchise was taking a significant risk. Wood had been excellent for a half-season in Detroit when thrust into a starting role, but he also had gone undrafted and the Rockets would be his sixth team in five seasons. 

Rafael Stone and the Rockets' gamble paid off handsomely. It took less than a month to confirm that Christian Wood, at a little less than $14 million a season, was a massive bargain and sent him up the trade value leaderboards. 

The value in Wood’s contract is two-fold. First, because he doesn’t make much just about every team could realistically acquire him. Second, because he doesn’t make much the acquiring team doesn’t have to send out much current talent to land him. 

For instance, the Kings could package Marvin Bagley III and Alex Len to match Wood’s salary. Being able to consolidate rotation pieces for a starter is part of what makes Wood’s contract so valuable.