Trade Deadline Nearing; Who The Rockets Could Potentially Welcome Back With Open Arms

Los Angeles Lakers v Brooklyn Nets
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With the NBA trade deadline quickly approaching, there are many rumors as to where some heavy-hitting names could potentially end up and the Houston Rockets should be ready to pounce. Some of those rumors to include trades of Collin Sexton, Malik Beasley, Thaddeus Young, and none other than James Harden.

It has been rumored that James Harden isn't enjoying his time in Brooklyn. Harden played the majority of his career with the Rockets until he was traded to the Nets. The trade reunited him with his old teammate Kevin Durant, and, when combined with Kyrie Irving, created a powerhouse trio.

At the moment of the trade, in January 2021, the trio's only dream was to secure a ring. At the beginning of the season, the idea seemed well within their grasp, but as the season continues it appears that the ring dream might have been just that, a dream.

Harden has expressed many reasons that would validate his interest in leaving Brooklyn. According to Jake Fischer of Bleacher Report, Harden is "disappointed" with head coach Steve Nash's late-game strategies, claiming, "Nash has favored hot-hand closing lineups, rather than a fixed crunch-time unit."

Nash has weighed in on the issue claiming, "his relationship with James Harden is strong" and said, "he hasn't heard any issues with rotations." Harden is also allegedly frustrated with his teammate Kyrie Irving and his unwillingness to get vaccinated. Irving being a part-time player, partnered with Kevin Durant's injury, has left the majority of the offensive burden on Harden.

Through all the noise, the Houston Rockets have voiced that they would gladly welcome the "King of Houston" back to his righteous home. The question is will he, and will the Rocket's fans welcome him back?

The Rockets' roster, as it currently stands, is one of the youngest in the NBA, and although they have their moments where they surprise us all, they remain very inconsistent. However, the rebuild could benefit greatly from some veteran guidance.

NBA rosters are ever-changing, and, as we all know, James Harden has the power to push the trade agenda in his favor. As of right now, a Harden trade is just a rumor, but could very well turn into a welcoming back at the trade deadline.

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