Uncovering the 2023 NBA Draft's hidden gems for the Rockets

Dec 9, 2022; Atlanta, GA, USA; City Reapers guards Ausar Thompson (0) and Amen Thompson (1) react
Dec 9, 2022; Atlanta, GA, USA; City Reapers guards Ausar Thompson (0) and Amen Thompson (1) react / Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Two of the most important upcoming dates for the Houston Rockets franchise are the 2023 NBA Draft Lottery on May 16th and the NBA Draft on June 22nd. The Rockets are expected to make moves that will advance them to the play-in tournament or even the playoffs, given that they have recently completed phase one of their rebuild.

The 2023 Draft Lottery and NBA Draft hold immense importance for the Rockets, as they aim to build a solid roster capable of making a playoff run. Securing a high draft pick in 2023 will be crucial in acquiring top-tier talent to complement their young core.

The Rockets' focus on maximizing the potential of their 2023 pick becomes critical, as it could be the final piece of the rebuild.

Many Houston Rockets fans have set their sights on securing the first or second pick in the 2023 NBA Draft, with the hope of drafting either Victor Wembanyama or Scoot Henderson. The potential addition of these two players to the Rockets' youthful core has fans humming with anticipation.

Both are regarded as the top players in the 2023 draft class and even the top prospects of the 2020’s.

Why the Houston Rockets shouldn't look away from the Thompson twins

However, some fans believe that anything short of landing one of these two prospects would make the draft a bust for the team. But it is essential to remember that the 2023 draft class is full of promising players.

Among them are Amen and Ausar Thompson, the talented twins who have made a name for themselves in the Overtime Elite League.

Amen and Ausar Thompson have showcased their versatility and dominance on the court, garnering attention from scouts and basketball analysts alike. Their unique combination of size, athleticism, and skill has the potential to elevate any NBA team's performance.

While they may not have the same level of hype as Wembanyama and Henderson, the Thompson twins are still exceptional prospects that could make a significant impact in the league.

Watching the Thompson twins in action, it becomes immediately apparent that they possess a rare ability to control the game on both ends of the court. On offense, Amen and Ausar have displayed excellent court vision, making smart decisions, and creating scoring opportunities for themselves and their teammates. 

On the defensive end, the Thompson twins have been equally impactful. Their length and athleticism enable them to disrupt passing lanes, block shots, and contest opponents' attempts with ease.

Their high basketball IQ and keen understanding of the game also allow them to make well-timed rotations and help-side defense, further solidifying their status as dominant two-way players.

One of the primary concerns surrounding Amen and Ausar Thompson is their three-point shooting ability. In today's NBA, long-range shooting has become a crucial skill, and teams are always on the lookout for players who can stretch the floor.

However, it's essential not to overlook the Thompson twins' exceptional work ethic and dedication to improving their game.

With access to the best trainers and resources in the world, the Thompson twins have the potential to address this aspect of their game and become more consistent three-point shooters. Their relentless drive to excel and commitment to refining their skills should assuage some of the worries regarding their long-range shooting abilities.

If the Houston Rockets find themselves falling out of the top two picks in the 2023 NBA Draft, they should seriously consider drafting one of the Thompson twins. Despite concerns about their three-point shooting, Amen and Ausar bring a wealth of talent, versatility, and potential to the table.