What Houston Rockets trade conjecture actually means

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Houston Rockets GM Rafael Stone has not ruled out the possibility of a trade involving the third-overall pick in the 2022 NBA Draft. Here is what it could mean.

The Houston Rockets winning the third-overall pick in the 2022 NBA Draft was a huge moment for the rebuilding franchise.

The Rockets have a lot of holes on their roster and need a huge overhaul before they are back to competing. The good news is that Houston likes what it has in Jalen Green, but they are going to need to bring in some more bodies to actually put this team back on track.

Green is currently the only guarenteed piece for the future, but it looks like this upcoming pick could be one of those players too.

That is, this pick could become that player if the Rockets don't trade the pick.

There is a rising belief amongst some that the Rockets might not be sold on making a pick at three. Rafael Stone has alluded to the fact that the team might make a trade if the deal is right, but this doesn't seem like what most would see it is.

To the vast majority, this looks like revealing an openness to trade back and acquire players. In reality, Stone and the Rockets could be focused more on moving up if the opportunity presents itself.

Any of the top three picks for the Rockets seems like a win this year. There are combinations where any of the three players could likely land in Houston, but there are clear pros and cons to all.

If the Rockets do make it through the coming weeks of scouting and deliberation to figure out who the best player is, it wouldn't be out of the question for the team to move up to secure their guy.

"The guy" currently looks like Jabari Smith, but you never know who the Rockets could settle on and who will be available.

While a trade back could be on the table, the Rockets do have the players and draft capital to make a compelling offer to move up if they see one of these guys as the best option for the future.

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