What John Wall's comments mean for the Houston Rockets

Houston Rockets v Atlanta Hawks
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Earlier this week, former Houston Rockets guard John Wall appeared on the podcast Tidal League discussing his stint with the team as "trash, beyond trash." The 32-year-old guard was traded to Houston in December 2020 for Russell Westbrook as a pivot to try and keep disgruntled superstar James Harden.

However, Harden's trade request was adamant to the point where he called out the team's roster, which resulted in a three-team trade to the Brooklyn Nets. As for Wall, he continued to play but was upset at the lack of NBA talent starting.

"My first year in Houston we were tanking we lost 20 in a row, we was tryna lose on purpose. We was starting guys named Justin Patton," Wall said.

In fairness to the Rockets, the team had 30 players in a shortened season while losing their franchise player and guys like Justin Patton were on 10-Day contracts due to Covid and injuries. So Wall's comments about tanking in 2020-2021 need to be taken into context.

He continued to talk about the development of players such as Kevin Porter Jr., Jalen Green, and KJ Martin and explained that the stuff they get away with on the Rockets would not be acceptable on any other team in the NBA.

"This sh*t y'all get away with here, if you go to any other teams you would be out of the f***ing league. You wouldn't play. I'm trying to explain it to them because they think it's sweet," he said. Wall does prove a point that even though the current nucleus of the Rockets is young and inexperienced it doesn't allow them to keep making the same mistakes again over and over.

Although the players are the one's who decide the game, it's important to state the obvious and that is starting at the top with Stephen Silas and Rafael Stone.

During his tenure as the Rockets GM, Stone has made it clear that this rebuild will prioritize a team that "plays hard" making it tough for teams to get a win night in and night out. Stone might want to reevaluate his assessment because there is no team in the league that fears playing the Rockets. The lack of leadership and accountability is deeply needed with not enough vets outside of Eric Gordon.

Silas is also to blame for letting Porter Jr. and Green run heavy isolation plays down the stretch. Silas also doesn't appear concerned when a player makes a bad play or two.

As of today, the Rockets are inept as an organization and something has to be done before it's too late.

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