What the future holds for Eric Gordon and the Rockets

Houston Rockets v Los Angeles Lakers - Game Two
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Eric Gordon is an aging piece of a Rockets team that is getting younger by the day. As Houston keeps adding guards to the mix, is there a place for Gordon on the team in 2022?

Figuring out the future between Eric Gordon and the Houston Rockets is a difficult prospect.

On one hand, Gordon is a willing veteran leader with an excellent three-point shot on a team that is trying to reinvent itself with youth. On the other hand, Gordon is getting older and taking up reps from guys that are essentially auditioning for the future of this team.

Figuring out this intersection between where veterans help and where they hurt is the name of the game for this Rockets team during the offseason.

The same conversation is happening with Christian Wood. The only difference between these two is that there is still arguably a greater need for Wood than there is for Gordon.

One way or another, Eric Gordon is still a quality shooter from deep with potential to be a good to great sixth man on a contender. The lack of overall talent on the Rockets has forced Gordon into a starting role, but it would probably bet better for Houston in the long run if they can find a way to start getting more minutes for the likes of Josh Christopher.

However, the problem Houston runs into is the lack of a major market for Gordon. The Rockets aren't the only team getting younger, Gordon is still a little pricey for a guy that is generally only good from three, and teams aren't going to give Houston a great haul in this deal.

Is it worth it to bite the bullet in a trade and get little back if it means more minutes for the young core? Perhaps. But teams like the Rockets still need leadership from their vets.

A move like this only works if there is a mountain of confidence in the younger players, and the coming weeks should tell us just how confident the team is in guys like Christopher, Jalen Green, and Kevin Porter Jr.

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