Why a Rockets' proposed pursuit of Trae Young makes no sense

Atlanta Hawks v Houston Rockets
Atlanta Hawks v Houston Rockets / Carmen Mandato/GettyImages

With phase 1 of the Houston Rockets' rebuild now complete, the franchise has set its sights on advancing to relevancy and contender status, which is phase two. That phase involved identifying the next coach to right the chip, which the Rockets determined to be Ime Udoka.

The Rockets will then need to add the right pieces that fit what both Udoka and the front office want on the floor. Atop that list is a floor general, which is partly why we've heard rumors of a potential James Harden return.

The Rockets need someone who can help Jalen Green play off-ball, while also helping to create open looks for Jabari Smith Jr. from deep. And with $60 million in available cap space, they've got the ability to pick their man.

Why a Rockets' proposed pursuit of Trae Young makes no sense

But that spending power must be coupled with wise decisions, as the wrong decision has the ability to set the franchise back even further. Case in point, the latest Bleacher Report article proposing that the Rockets trade for Atlanta Hawks point guard Trae Young.

Granted, Young represents the type of star power being sought after by the Rockets' brass, but they don't need to trade for a point guard, considering the available options that exist on the free agent market. So why get rid of assets to upgrade a spot that they can upgrade without having to give anything up?

Furthermore, is Trae Young enough to lift this team into contention in the Western Conference? Also, what about the coaching situation?

Ime Udoka is a defensive-minded coach, which isn't something Young is known for (to put it politely). Adding Young doesn't move the needle on that end of the floor, which the Rockets reportedly emphasized during their coaching search after finishing 29th in defensive efficiency in each of the last two seasons.

Then there's Udoka's coaching style, as he's known to hold players accountable and demand the most out of his players, which the Rockets valued after seeing Stephen Silas' opposing style. Need I remind you of how Young clashes with coaches who are authoritative?

Young bumped heads with Lloyd Pierce, leading to Pierce's ouster. More recently Young bumped heads with Nate McMillan, who is respected across the league, leading McMillan and the Hawks to part ways. 

In many respects, Young has been viewed as a coach killer, because he doesn't mesh well with coaches who demand the most out of their players, which Udoka certainly does. 

So with all that being said, let's just throw out this proposal by Bleacher Report because not only does it not make sense, it also won't be happening.