Why FS1's Undisputed vacancy must go to Rockets legend Vernon Maxwell

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Throughout the years, the Houston Rockets have seen several former players hang up their uniforms and pursue a career in TV, whether on the broadcasting or analysis side. We've seen examples like Charles Barkley and Calvin Murphy, who have been on TV for decades and we've seen recent examples like Mario Elie and Matt Bullard, although the latter left his post in recent years.

One name that hasn't yet made the transition is Vernon Maxwell, who expressed interest in filling Bullard's role when it became open in 2021. Although Maxwell ultimately didn't land Bullard's position, he's made the rounds on the podcast circuit over the years, giving listeners and networks a glimpse of what he could offer, if given an opportunity.

Maxwell's candor and personality would be a glove fit for a debate show, and there happens to be an open seat alongside Skip Bayless on FS1's Undisputed after Pro Football Hall of Famer Shannon Sharpe made the abrupt decision to leave the show and the network altogether. To be clear, Maxwell hasn't been mentioned as a potential replacement for Sharpe, as it's been rumored that FS1 has narrowed in on 2013 NFL leading-rusher LeSean McCoy to fill Sharpe's seat.

Why FS1's Undisputed vacancy must go to Rockets legend Vernon Maxwell

But McCoy is already on the network's Speak, which just kicked off less than a year ago after a rebrand from the network's Speak for Yourself. And although McCoy has shown himself to be knowledgeable about sports, he has a much different personality than Maxwell. This is important considering that the candidate would have to work alongside Bayless, who can be rough around the edges at times.

As we've all seen, Maxwell is instant entertainment, regardless of whether he's creating content via tweets or podcasts. Case in point, Maxwell's raw analysis of the James Harden, Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving trio in Brooklyn after they had just been banded together.

"They gotta play some damn defense now. They’ve gotta play some damn defense. I mean God damn.

You can’t be scoring 140 points and losing and sh-t. I mean good God. That’s just crazy. You've gotta play some God damn defense."

And don't get him started on the Utah Jazz.

Ultimately FS1 won't give Maxwell an opportunity to replace Sharpe, that much is known. But what made Sharpe such a great add to the show was his sense of humor and originality, as it added to the entertainment. Maxwell would be able to seamlessly slide into that role, as he too has a unique sense of humor (although Jazz fans surely think otherwise).

Not only would this give Maxwell an opportunity to display his TV talents on a larger stage, but it would also surely help the network drive ratings, which they'll find it difficult to do without Sharpe.

If only, if only.