Why it's far too early to give up on Rockets star Jalen Green

Houston Rockets v Cleveland Cavaliers
Houston Rockets v Cleveland Cavaliers / Jason Miller/GettyImages
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The Houston Rockets are fresh off of their third consecutive finish at or near the very bottom of the league standings and are preparing to make the fourth selection in the 2023 NBA Draft in less than two weeks. As the last step in phase one of this rebuild approaches, the front office and fans alike are trying to figure out exactly what it is they already have on the roster.

Each member of this young team has certainly had their ups and downs, but none have had the spotlight on them quite like All-Rookie guard, Jalen Green. The room seems to be split on the 21-year-old who just wrapped up his second season in the NBA.

Projecting the ceiling of Houston Rockets rising star Jalen Green

Is he an inefficient shot-chucker who doesn't play winning basketball? Is he the elite flamethrower he was promised to be?

Regardless of how you answer questions on who Green is today, the question everyone should be asking, and the one we will answer in this post, is "Who will Jalen Green be when it's all said and done?"