Why Jalen Green was the right pick for the Rockets

G League Ignite v Westchester Knicks
G League Ignite v Westchester Knicks / Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Heading into Thursday’s draft, there had been a bevy of speculation, and especially as it pertains to the Houston Rockets. We’d heard that the Rockets were desperately seeking to acquire the top pick to select Cade Cunningham, who went first overall by the Detroit Pistons.

With the Pistons reportedly making it known that they were seeking a massive haul for their pick, the Rockets stood pat at #2 and selected G-League Ignite star guard Jalen Green. Green was asked about his thoughts about joining the Rockets and stated:

“I think they are good. I think the Rockets have a great coaching staff and a great team that you can build upon. They are a great team."

Why Jalen Green was the right pick for the Houston Rockets

Former college coach and current draft expert Fran Fraschilla explained why Green was the right pick for the Houston Rockets on Sirius XM's NBA Radio.

"There's no question that [G-League Ignite coach] Brian Shaw and the developmental league can do more for these guys than them going to college. 

And he got better and better. It was very impressive.

As a matter of fact, I talked to a couple of players about him after the season and the consensus was he was very, very physically ready for the league.

I love what he did. And I think Jalen Green could end up being the best player in this draft. His athleticism is elite by NBA standards, his skill level is rapidly improving, he’s always had a high motor. A high competitive kid.

And he seemed to take to the G-League and the experience seriously.”

Fraschilla also stated that Green could end up not only being the best player in the draft, but also one of the best players in the league altogether

“As much as I think Cade Cunningham is the safest #1 pick in this draft, it would not surprise me if not only are we talking about Jalen Green as, hey he’s an All-Star, but a kid that could be a somewhat of a generational once in every decade talent. I think he’s got that much potential.

I think Jalen Green is going to be the type of player that Zack LaVine is, that Bradley Beal is, that Damian Lillard is. I think we’re going to see a kid that once he hits his prime and gets his feet wet is going to be one of those 28, 30-point scorers in the league.

Great athlete, skill level is improving, the shot is definitely not broken. High motor, high character.

I think they’re getting an NBA star. It would not shock me if in three or four years from now, Jalen Green is the best player in this draft.

And I happen to be a huge fan. For some reason, I think Jalen Green will end up being the best wing player in the NBA someday.”

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With Kevin Porter Jr. and Green in the backcourt, the Rockets could have the best young backcourt that they’ve had in quite some time. And especially if Green does indeed become the best wing player in the NBA.