Why Rockets' Jalen Green will become an All-Star this season

Brooklyn Nets v Houston Rockets
Brooklyn Nets v Houston Rockets / Bob Levey/GettyImages

As we approach the dawn of the new NBA season, a palpable sense of excitement and anticipation has settled over the Houston Rockets. After a promising sophomore season from Jalen Green, expectations are high, both for him and the team.

Green, who averaged a respectable 22.1 points, 3.7 rebounds, and 3.7 assists in the previous season​​, is poised to take on a more significant role and propel the Rockets to new heights.

Why Rockets' Jalen Green will become an All-Star this season

The team's new coaching strategy and game plan are centered around creating opportunities for Green. With the idea of running more dribble hand-offs and pick-and-rolls with Alperen Sengun, Green could see his points per game rise 3-5 points to around 25.

This projection is based on the assumption that Green remains the team's number one offensive option. The synergy between Green and Al P could very well form the backbone of the Rockets' offense this season.

With a new head coach, over $60 million in projected cap space, and an arsenal of talented young players, the Rockets are chomping at the bit to be a playoff team this season​. The urgency is palpable - their first-round pick this year is top-four protected, which only adds to the importance of immediate success.

The transition from a player's second to third year is often a crucial juncture in their NBA journey. Now that Green is past his rookie season - a year often marked by the trials of adapting to a new level of competition, adjusting to newfound fame, and managing substantial financial resources - he can focus more intently on improving his game.

This summer, Green will have the opportunity to hone his skills and build upon the foundation laid in his first two seasons.

Jalen Green is hungry for improvement - both for himself and the Rockets. As he heads into his third year in the league, becoming an All-Star should be a top priority.

With his remarkable talent, a new coaching staff, and the Rockets' commitment to success, the stage is set for Green to make a significant leap this season.