Why Scoot Henderson's latest decision shouldn't surprise the Rockets

2023 NBA Draft Combine
2023 NBA Draft Combine / Stacy Revere/GettyImages

Over the weekend, reports emerged regarding G-League Ignite point guard Scoot Henderson, specifically as it pertains to the Houston Rockets. Henderson essentially decided against working out for the Rockets, which has been deemed by many as him shunning the franchise. Or rejecting it (whichever sounds less dramatic).

But ask yourself why Henderson, the second-ranked player in the draft class, would train with a team that holds the fourth pick. It's not like Henderson was the fourth or fifth-ranked player or had off-the-court concerns that could prompt him to slide further in the lottery. That would be more of a shun.

Why Scoot Henderson's latest decision shouldn't surprise the Rockets

Granted, the possibility always exists that the Rockets could trade up to get Henderson, but that's not a guarantee if you're him. The star guard has opted to work out for only the Portland Trail Blazers, who hold the third pick and the Charlotte Hornets, who hold the second pick.

Some mock drafts even have Henderson sliding to number four, but that's definitely not a guarantee. For Henderson, he likely wants to be the first pick, a la Jalen Green in 2021, and doesn't essentially need to grant a workout to any team he deems to be too low to be able to take him.

And it's not like the Rockets wouldn't select him just because he didn't allow them to host a workout, because that would obviously be beyond foolish. We just saw this exact situation take shape with Jabari Smith Jr. just last year, as he opted to train with just the Oklahoma City Thunder and Orlando Magic in 2022, as both teams held the top two picks in last year's draft. 

And again, the Rockets seemingly had no issue with that, as they still selected him with the third pick. They'd gladly do it again if Henderson falls.

And if they've had thoughts about trading up for him, they'll still be having those same thoughts, irrespective of him not giving them a workout.