Why the Jalen Green, Danuel House number fiasco is bad for everyone involved

Danuel House Jr. #4 of the Houston Rockets Pool Photo-USA TODAY Sports
Danuel House Jr. #4 of the Houston Rockets Pool Photo-USA TODAY Sports / Pool Photo-USA TODAY Sports
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After advancing past the stresses of the NBA Draft and free agency, the Houston Rockets find themselves in a situation that they couldn't have prepared for. Their second pick of the first round, Jalen Green, has made it clear that he wants to wear jersey number 4.

Granted, this wouldn't be a big deal if the jersey number was available, but in this case it isn't. In fact, Rockets utility player and Houston-native Danuel House wears the number, and has created an off-the-court marketing ploy to help launch his brand and music career, which centers around the number.

This has caused a divide on Rockets Twitter (surprise surprise), as many have suggested that House should give the number up while others have suggested otherwise. House has had fans consistently make it known that they believe that he should give the number up, which he's handled well overall, especially considering some of the hurls that have been thrown his way.

Why the Houston Rockets' number situation between Danuel House, Jalen Green is bad for everyone involved

Green has taken the court in the Summer League wearing number 0 in the meantime, but he's already known as JG4, because he wore the number in both high school and in the G-League last season. Although this seems like a relatively minor thing, it's become clear that the number has a meaning for both players.

With that being said, the situation is unfavorable for everyone, as it's one that involves pride and has the ability to change the perception of them each by the fanbase. Let's dive more into that, starting with why this situation isn't ideal for House.