Why we should all agree with Rockets rookie Tari Eason's mom

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Houston Rockets rookie Tari Eason just wrapped up his rookie campaign on Sunday, in a season that left Rockets fans excited about his potential. Eason played in all 82 games, joining Kenyon Martin Jr. as the first Rockets players to be able to make that claim since the 2018-19 season, in which P.J. Tucker did it last.

Eason posted averages of 9.2 points, and 6 rebounds on 44.7 percent from the field, 34 percent from three, and 75 percent from the charity stripe. Eason displayed the ability to play the junkyard dog role, as he quite frequently was fighting for loose balls and scrapping for second-chance opportunities. 

Eason, at times, displayed the potential to be the Rockets' starting small forward in the future, due to his prowess on the defensive end (which will certainly continue) and his aforementioned knack for always being around the ball. Eason's three-point efficiency will certainly increase from the 34 percent clip, because what rookie doesn't continue to progress and increase their shooting splits?

But for as much as Rockets fans have been happy with what they saw from the 6-foot-8 forward, they've certainly enjoyed having his mom, Teroya Eason, added to the fanbase. Mama Eason has easily been one of the more entertaining follows on Twitter (her handle is @teroyaeason on Twitter) and she's been quick to point out when her son has played a bad game, an upbringing that surely helped him make it to the big league as a near lottery pick.

Why everyone should agree with Rockets rookie Tari Eason's mom

Mama Eason hasn't been one to hide her feelings on anything, and took to Twitter to discuss her thoughts on the Rockets' decision to part with coach Stephen Silas. 

The displeasure with the manner in which Silas was let go is certainly fair, as it's not often that a coach is determined to be let go during a live game. And especially if Silas wasn't made aware of his status before the announcement.

Rockets Twitter also surely shares Mama Eason's concern with Tari not getting his necessary development or simply not being in an environment conducive for growth, which has to be asked after a coach is terminated, because it's always an unknown as long as the position is vacant. Following the announcement from ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski regarding Silas being let go, Tari was asked how he felt about Silas, and he took the opportunity to dole praise towards the soon-to-be former coach.

"Man, he's been huge. This is my first season in the NBA, so he's kinda been the guy to set the precedent of what I should expect. He's just been a great person to me, all in all. And I'm incredibly appreciative for him and how he's coached me through this rookie year."

The good thing is that the Rockets will surely not deliberately do anything that will impede Eason's growth and development. Because they, too, share Mama Eason's sentiments, just like the rest of the Rockets fanbase.