Young Rockets player taking right steps to solidify role in 2022

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Trying to figure out Jae'Sean Tate's role with the Rockets in 2022 is a difficult task before the draft, but him working hard this offseason will make this answer more clear before the season starts.

Jae'Sean Tate, like many players on the Houston Rockets right now, is one of the guys where you will find plenty in the tape that backs up your views on him as a player-good or bad.

One thing that everyone should be able to agree on is that Tate can be a quality starter on this team if he can tweak a few parts of his game and play in a more player-friendly position.

Even with these needed-changes, Tate just put together a season where he played his heart out as an undersized four for most of the year, and every fan of the team should be happy to have a player with that much buy-in willing to move into an at-times strange role.

If Tate was able to bring the defense and heart that he showed at the four and then bring that to the three with a bit more catch and shoot potential, he would be a great fit for a starting role alongside Kevin Porter Jr., Jalen Green, Paolo Banchero, and whoever is starting at center.

The good news for this future is that Tate is working hard this offseason to become the player that many believe he can become.

Making six to seven hundred shots a day is certainly a step towards expanding on Tate's game. It's refreshing to see him show such a willingness to get better in this way, and this attitude is a huge reason why Tate has such a rabid following from some in Houston.

There are still a lot of moving pieces and several guys that will be competing for those forward spots come the start of the season, but Jae'Sean Tate is showing that he has no intention of giving up his starting role as this team takes the next steps towards getting back to their former glory.

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