David Stern to Jim Rome: Have you stopped beating your wife yet?


Yesterday was a strange day for the National Basketball Association. Commissioner David Stern made a remark that would have even shocked the likes of Metta World Peace and Dennis Rodman.

Mr. Stern went on Jim Rome’s radio show “The Jim Rome Show” early Wednesday to do an interview, which quickly turned into a heated argument.


When Rome asked David Stern if the NBA Draft was fixed he replied by asking Jim Rome if he still beats his wife, which has never been reported. Such a disrespectful thing to say no matter who you are. This guy runs one of the biggest organizations in America but you would think he was some wack job sports fan who goes to far.

“I wouldn’t hold it against you,” Stern said. “You and I have been in more contentious talks than that. But it’s good copy. You do these things for cheap thrills.”

Rome took high offense to this statement and Stern tried to clean it up a bit.

“Cheap trick,” he said. “You’ve been successful in making a career of it, and I keep coming on.”

And this is where the fun begins basketball fans

Rome: “Making a career of it? Making a career of what? What? Cheap thrills?”

Stern: “Now you’re getting mad. You’re taking on the world and now Jim Rome is pouting.”

Rome: “I’m not pouting. I’m taking offense.”

Stern: “You want to hang up on me?”

Rome: “No, I’m seriously running out of time.”

Stern: “Listen, I gotta go call somebody important like Stephen A. Smith back. He’s next.”

Rome: “OK, you go make that call and I’ll go talk to somebody else, too, I guess. Have a nice day. I did not hang up on him, we are officially out of time.”

Rome said later Wednesday on his TV show on the CBS Sports Network that he didn’t take a great offense to the interview, calling Stern’s phrase a “rhetorical device” that some fans may not understand but he did. He defended his question, saying he doesn’t believe the lottery is fixed but that it was fair to ask.

But if the lottery isn’t fixed why would Commissioner David Stern take great offense from Rome’s question? I myself didn’t think it was rigged until this interview. If you think about it, it wouldn’t be that hard to fix it. The Draft doesn’t televise the part where the teams lottery ball lands. They just show you cards with the teams logo and tell you this is where their lottery ball landed. Why don’t they just show it on National Television if it’s not rigged? The more i think about the more this “conspiracy theory” sounds all to real.

I know Jim Rome is known for getting into a lot of controversy, but i think the question was 100% ok to ask. The Draft being rigged is a hot topic in the NBA world right now even with the Finals going on. Rome is just trying to do his job, and in my opinion he does a great job. He’s not scared of these million dollar athletes or front office executives. Does he take it to far at times? Maybe, maybe not, But he does a great job of giving people like me the coverage we want to see. I applaud you Jim Rome. As for David Stern, can you just retire already?