Houston Rockets Injury News: Donatas Motiejunas Lost For Season/Playoffs


Houston Rockets Injury News: Donatas Motiejunas Out Indefinitely:

Just as the Rockets get back Dwight Howard and Terrence Jones another front court player is lost for the season and playoffs. All reports were indicating Donatas Motiejunas would only miss one or two weeks. Many felt he’d earned the break after carrying the lions’ share of the front court duties this season and reports never warned the injury could be serious. However, today we learned Motiejunas not only won’t return this season, but the team expects him to miss the entire post season. No decision has been made regarding whether he’ll require surgery or not.

On March 28, we learned Motiejunas had been experiencing tightness and pain in his back and had seen a specialist (Memorial Hermann Sports Medicine Institute) regarding the injury. At that time it was determined he would be out for one to two weeks and then be reevaluated.

Over the weekend, I was seeing tweets saying they expected him back this week. At that time I thought how perfect DeMo would return just in time to get his rhythm back and develop a chemistry with Terrence Jones, Dwight Howard and Josh Smith. And, further how deep the front court that had been devastated by injury all season would be entering the post season.

It was commonly felt Motiejunas would receive several votes for Most Improved Player given his overall production this season having improved in all key categories. He literally was the most reliable, healthy front court player for the Rockets all season.

While he wasn’t expected to win the award given the break out seasons by Jimmy Butler, Hassan Whiteside, Rudy Gobert and my favorite Draymond Green, he still would have likely been in the mix for the top 5 receiving votes.

Thanks for your support and messages. Will be back on court after a couple of weeks. #ROCKETS pic.twitter.com/u2ZV23mZJk

— Donatas Motiejunas (@DonatasMot) March 28, 2015

As recently as Tuesday (yesterday), Motiejunas was still optimistic he’d return, tweeting out the following message: 

Working hard, trying to get back as soon as possible #Rockets #RedNation pic.twitter.com/s8MaqQAtoJ

— Donatas Motiejunas (@DonatasMot) April 7, 2015

Houston Chronicle reporter Jonathan Feigen updated on the news today that Motiejunas would miss the remainder of the season as well as the playoffs.

Donatas Motiejunas out for season, playoffs http://t.co/UavMKk6oYM

— Jonathan Feigen (@Jonathan_Feigen) April 8, 2015

Feigen went on to explain DeMo did a community event the day after his back was initially examined and never thought the issue was serious or would hold him out this long.  His injury punctuates a season where James Harden has accepted the adversity by becoming one of the two leading candidates for Most Valuable Player given the numerous injuries the team has dealt with.

As mentioned this a.m., Rockets starting lineup tonight will have its third game together, the most of any possible Rockets lineup.

— Jonathan Feigen (@Jonathan_Feigen) April 8, 2015

Fortunately the team does have Jones and Howard back, but Motiejunas offered something the Rockets haven’t had all year – versatility in the front court given his ability to hit from the perimeter as well as work in the low post. His presence will be missed and we at Space City Scoop wish him a speedy recovery.

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