Lil B To Attend Rockets vs. Warriors Game 5


This Golden State Warriors-Houston Rockets series just got even more entertaining. Following James Harden‘s 45-point explosion, rapper Lil B has been under scrutiny on how potent his curse really is. In retaliation to solidify his curse and possibly intimidate Harden, he has announced that he will be in the Oracle arena tonight for Game 5.

.@LILBTHEBASEDGOD will be gracing Oracle Arena with his presence on Wednesday. #TYBG #DubNation

— Oracle Arena (@OracleArena) May 26, 2015

James harden today's win was fun for everyone Lil B cooking dance keep cooking and stealing swag shouts out the real mvp steph curry – Lil B

— Lil B From The Pack (@LILBTHEBASEDGOD) May 26, 2015

RT I want to see the face of a man who does not understand the roots of real art GO WARRIORS @OracleArena – Lil B

— Lil B From The Pack (@LILBTHEBASEDGOD) May 26, 2015

The initial day that Lil B placed the curse on Harden, he played one of his worst games in the playoffs. He was 3-16 from the field and only scored 17 points in Game 3. Some people credit that to Lil B while others figured Harden simply had an off night. Now that the Lil B-James Harden series is tied 1-1, this game’s stakes has been raised.

There are those (such as myself) that comprehend this “curse” as a myth or a mere story line for Lil B to remain relevant. Others would argue that this “curse” is the real deal. Back in 2011, Kevin Durant became the first target of Lil B’s curse. It all started when Durant belittled Lil B’s rapping talents (and if you listened to his music, you’d probably agree with KD).

That was all it took for Durant to initiate the curse.


— Lil B From The Pack (@LILBTHEBASEDGOD) May 26, 2011

He placed the curse on Durant during the same night the Oklahoma City Thunder (which Harden was a part of at the time) fell to the Dallas Mavericks in Game 5 of the Western Conference Finals. The two continued to occasionally bicker back and forth for a few months afterwards. A one-on-one was in the makings until both celebrities did not follow through with a time, location, date, etc.

I guess in those three years between then and now, Lil B figured to revive the curse from the grave and hex another NBA star. However, this time it would be Lil B sending the first shots to the basketball player.

Go warriors @warriors and let James harden no he doing the Lil B cooking dance if he doing that flickin wrist or whipping he mark – Lil B

— Lil B From The Pack (@LILBTHEBASEDGOD) May 21, 2015

"THE BASEDGOD" speaks… He told Lil B James harden is not cursed but he has been warned and questioned .. Lil B cooking dance? TOPO – Lil B

— Lil B From The Pack (@LILBTHEBASEDGOD) May 22, 2015

And please remember James harden has not been cursed like Kevin durant james was warned. Just waiting for harden to speak on dance – Lil B

— Lil B From The Pack (@LILBTHEBASEDGOD) May 22, 2015

"THE BASEDGOD" SPEAKS.Smh all James harden had to do was clarify what dance he was doing.Lil B speaks.Please leave James alone – Lil B

— Lil B From The Pack (@LILBTHEBASEDGOD) May 24, 2015

And just like that, the curse was activated. He even spoke with TMZ  about the curse by saying, “He’s cursed for the rest of the playoffs and further notice until he speaks on what dance celebration he’s doing and where it comes from.

If possible, he has said that he would like to sit behind the Warriors bench and personally, I hope he does. I think he’ll actually be a larger distraction to them than he would be for the Houston Rockets. We will be in for a treat if Harden can shoulder the Rockets to another victory to extend the series. And by treat, I mean we wouldn’t hear much more of this curse or Lil B.

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