Houston Rockets Dwight Howard Planning to Leave adidas and Join Foreign Brand


Dwight Howard Plans to Leave the Three Stripes for Chinese Brand

Reports from a Chinese sports marketing website called Yutang Sports, have said that Dwight Howard plans to leave adidas and sign with Peak according to Peak staff members at their China headquarters.

Looks like Dwight Howard is leaving adidas http://t.co/mS2CMRiEuC pic.twitter.com/WH5kESeZtV

— SoleCollector.com (@SoleCollector) June 22, 2015

Howard’s contract with adidas was up at the end of the season according to Sports Pro Media, he plans to have a deal signed and completed with Peak by the time he steps on the court for game 1 of 82. Rumors started when Howard was spotted wearing Jordan’s more than once towards the end of the season, such as in the clip below. He was willing to step outside the box, rock what he liked and made it known that his time with adidas is over, can’t be mad at him for that.

Howard has been one of the many faces of the Three Stripes for over 10 years and never was he considered the focal point. Even as his deal comes to a close he is dealing with superstars like John Wall and Damian Lillard taking some of his shine.

As of Tuesday June 23rd, the official adidas website only offers the John Wall, Damian Lillard and Derrick Rose signature lines at the moment, meaning they pulled the D12’s from online purchases. Howard wanted this, so he can’t be mad at adidas, but hopefully his new brand will cater to him and make sure they invest true, quality marketing into his product.

This 7-foot punching bag is leaving Adidas for a lesser brand: http://t.co/KabObZJflt pic.twitter.com/jj4gOwCLsA

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Peak already endorses NBA players such as Tony Parker, George Hill, Miles Plumlee and a few other low-key guys. We aren’t dealing with perennial All-Stars at Peak, so Dwight should grab some major attention assuming he puts out a shoe people like. Peak will plan to have a shoe ready for Dwight by the time they finish his contract so that they don’t miss any time during the NBA season to market his new kicks.

This video shows off some of the newest designs from Peak for some of their top-notch NBA players:

It will definitely be a transition for Howard moving from a huge brand to a much smaller and more closely knit group, but maybe that is what he needs. Houston is a diverse city that has welcomed a Chinese player by the name of Yao Ming in the past and that worked pretty well. Now our American-born Rockets player is teaming with a Chinese brand to create some of the best quality shoes in the NBA, it all comes full circle eventually.

This new opportunity will give Dwight a chance to improve his branding and reputation so that the world may know the real Dwight Howard next season.

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