Houston Rockets 2015 Media Day: Patrick Beverley – It’s About Heart!


Continuing the Houston Rockets 2015 Media Day, Patrick Beverley took to the podium to discuss his new team, opportunity and what he expects. And, like his counterparts he brought his own unique mix of character to his interview.

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Ariza was giddy, Jones focused, Terry doled out sage advice, Lawson spoke of being excited for a fresh start and the co-captains Howard and Harden spoke like leaders. But, it was Beverley who brought out the competitive, driven man we’ve all become accustomed to.

Beverley spoke of his frustration with his injury, the difference of being in free agency in the summer and his happiness at returning to Houston. After those courtesies were out of the way Beverley let Houston’s opponents know they are going to be up against it when they play the Rockets.

It’s gonna be so much fun, I think no I know we are gonna give guards hell” Beverley highlights the differences between the two and says he has already begun picking Lawson’s brain to help him improve his game. He says that he and Lawson will push each other in every practice and take out their aggression on the opposition because at the end of the day they are both Rockets!

Beverley: "I know we're going to give guards hell." Says Ty Lawson is a more traditional PG, while he's the defensive specialist. #Rockets

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Rather than being worried about gaining the starting point guard position he spoke of how devastating the combo would be and reiterated they’ll get some time on court together!

It's not about money, it's not about fame, it's not about the glitz and glamor. It's about one thing; winning the championship – @patbev21

— Rockets Social (@Rockets_Social) September 28, 2015

In terms of his injury Beverley made it clear how happy he is to be healthy citing the fact he was out 6 months and 9 days proving the fact players of his ilk really do pay attention to the time spent off the court. He spoke of his humble beginnings and how the new contract has enabled him to take care of the “3 Queens” who raised him: his mother, his grandmother and his aunt.

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When a reporter followed up with a question on whether that would remove some of his fiery competitiveness now that he doesn’t have to prove himself or with the contract security Beverley let him know nothing changes. “That chip (on his shoulder) is a mountain for me. I’ve always been over looked, I’ve always had to earn everything I’ve received and I think this makes it even better. Now I can just focus on basketball” The last comment made to imply he doesn’t have to worry about his family now, he knows they are okay.

He was motivated by the playoffs and used it in his summer workouts to push himself. Asked about how the Game 6 comeback affected the team Beverley says it proved “the impossible is possible” he added “it’s proven, it’s not about numbers or stats, it’s about heart, it’s about that thing beating in your chest and I think this year this is what we have.”

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