Houston Rockets Post Game Video Diary – October 7th


A sure sign it’s preseason is when two teams in the same division trot out ten players at tip-off with only two players (one from each side) who’ll likely be starting when they face each other on 4 occasions in the regular season.

That’s exactly what happened Wednesday night with the Dallas Mavericks arrived at the Toyota Center.  The home town team was resting all their starters except James Harden who wanted the extra run to get in game shape and the only Maverick who started who’ll likely be in that spot come November was center Sam Dalembert.

The fact the Rockets so easily dominated the Mavericks pretty much from the tip speaks to the Houston Rockets depth and more specifically how significantly different their off seasons were.  Joshua Van Horn provided the post game recap of the blow out for those looking for the highlights.

Following the game head  coach Kevin McHale, James Harden and Patrick Beverley met with reporters.

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Kevin McHale:

  • McHale noted how well the first unit played citing Harden’s typical brilliance and noted Capela played well
  • Asked how he thought Dekker performed, McHale thought he looked more comfortable and said it will just take time
  • He also noted how well McDaniels played both nights commenting on how solid and impactful he’s been playing
  • McHale noted he’d like to get Harden some simpler play sets this season with at least 3 more catch and shoot 3’s a game
  • Of the young guys McHale thought Will Cunningham stood out

Kevin McHale: Post Game 10/07/15 http://t.co/VxQ61Xcd4H via @houstonrockets

— Tamberlyn's Tip-Off (@TTOTambz) October 8, 2015

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Patrick Beverley:

  • Beverley noted Dekker seemed more relaxed tonight
  • He also spoke about McDaniels steady improvement and cited Clint Capela’s growth in playing within the Rockets’ schemes.
  • Like McHale he cited Will Cummings as being a stand out of the youngsters, he likes his grit and attitude

Patrick Beverley: Post Game 10/7/15 http://t.co/hcprB26Sj8 via @houstonrockets

— Space City Scoop (@SpaceCity_Scoop) October 8, 2015

Sam Dekker:

  • Says he felt more comfortable today
  • He enjoys playing against stars he watched play
  • Dekker says his goal is to show improvement on the defensive end by giving meaningful minutes

Sam Dekker: Post Game 10/7/15 http://t.co/Wt37P7wckm via @houstonrockets

— Space City Scoop (@SpaceCity_Scoop) October 8, 2015

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