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When you have Kardashian’s popping up in the blog post, you know the news is slow for the day.

But that’s what you get when the star player is dating one of those leeches (he’s a good boy Khloe… you had best watch your back.

By the way, am I the only one who thinks it’s weird that Khloe and James Harden are dating while her and Lamar Odom still technically married? Yet she still went and saw Lamar after he nearly OD’d in a brothel and decided to hold off the divorce?

Hello?! James? There are red flags all over this situation! Get out while you can dude – just ask Reggie Bush, Kris Humphries, Ray-J and Future. Sure, three of those are Kim’s, but you get the point.

In other basketball related news, the Kardashian curse doesn’t seem to be affecting the beard’s play, Terrance Jones is happy and small ball is winning once again.

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Let’s tackle the Kardashian thing before we move into legit news. James and Khloe stepped out in public for the first time since the Lamar incident on Sunday. The two are still together despite the whole Lamar thing – which is unspeakably weird. The article doesn’t really go into it, but it’s a nice spot to get your pop culture fix.

Khloe Kardashian steps out with boyfriend James Harden, gives him a shoutout on Instagram [US Weekly – Celebrity News]

"The 31-year-old star, clad in a long coat and leather thigh-high boots, attended a private concert with the Houston Rockets player, 26, at Lure nightclub. On Monday, Nov. 9, the Strong Looks Better Naked author gave her beau a shout-out on Instagram, posting a funny video of him getting frustrated during a courtside interview. “@jharden13 side eye game is strong! I love this video!” she captioned the post. Keeping Up With the Kardashians"

You know what back-to-back 40 point games will get you? Western Conference player of the week. It’s a pretty big step up after the 0-3 start to be in the same company as Andre Drummond, who’s been throwing down 20-20’s like a degenerate gambler does cards in Vegas. If Harden keeps this going, he’ll be back in the MVP discussion in no time.

James Harden named Western Conference Player of the Week [Space City Scoop – Tamberlyn Richardson]

"He’s back! probably wishes he could erase the first week of the regular season after suffering through the worst shooting of his life. Well with the media questioning what was wrong with him Harden came out last week and laid down 4 stellar performances leading his team to 4 straight wins over the Oklahoma City Thunder, Orlando Magic, Sacramento Kings and Los Angeles Clippers. Today the Association announced James Harden Wins Western Conference Player of Week. James Harden"

Terrance Jones is back and hopefully he stays back. He’s a key piece in the rotation and will provide the necessary depth for success this year. He was back in practice yesterday and his eyelid was better than ever.

Terrance Jones back on court with Rockets [Houston Chronicle – Jose De Jesus Ortiz]

"Terrence Jones was in a jovial mood Monday after participating in his first practice with his Rockets teammates this month. The power forward even poked fun at the eye injury that kept him out of action since Oct. 30"

Before we get y’all out of here, check out this piece from the very reliable Calvin Watkins of ESPN. Houston has been tinkering with lineups for these first seven games and small ball appears to be the answer. Even with Dwight Howard or Clint Capela on the floor, the Rockets can still shake things up.

Small ball working for Rockets [EPSN NBA – Calvin Watkins]

"In figuring it out, the Rockets went small. They discovered that while either or was the center, , a small forward/shooting guard, moved into a power forward spot as did , another small forward. Saturday, Thornton covered the Clippers , a traditional power forward and provided a physical presence. Dwight Howard Clint Capela Marcus Thornton Trevor Ariza Blake Griffin"

Oh, and don’t forget that tomorrow is military appreciation night at the Toyota Center. It looks like the Rockets are gonna rock all black unis, take a look for youself:

Wednesday is Military Appreciation Night – $10 of each ticket purchased is donated. TICKETS: https://t.co/K9oBtnZI0Apic.twitter.com/eLtWFPfDcv

— Houston Rockets (@HoustonRockets) November 9, 2015

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Only one more night until game night! Thank goodness – these three day breaks are a killer to the news feed. Happy Tuesday y’all.