Houston Rockets Daily Rocket Science – Do you smell that? It smells like a tire fire.


It’s a ball night!

Thank goodness… there’s not enough football in the world that can suffice a three day break from basketball. Sure, the Houston Rockets are playing the worst team in the league and it won’t be all too fun to watch but it’s still a ball night!

Things could finally be rounding into form as guys are coming back healthy, Kevin McHale is figuring out the roster and James Harden is back to dropping 40 points a night. To think how much many panicked just a week ago!

Take some samplings from below about power rankings, nerdy numbers and pick-and-rolls to get your day started here on a brand new hump day.

Houston Rockets news and notes from around the web

Interested in power rankings? Don’t know which site to trust? Don’t have the time to search for all of them? Don’t even bother! Our wonderful editor Tamberlyn Richardson has done all of the work for here (you can thank her later). The NBA media world seems to be pretty consistent on where they think Houston is with a few outliers, but seven seems to be the popular answer.

NBA Power Ranking Lists: How Pundits Rank Houston Rockets Week 2 [Space City Scoop – Tamberlyn Richardson]

"Every season there will be ebbs and flows with teams going on winning and losing streaks, yet the win over the may well be considered the turning point when team performances are assessed at season end.  That performance kick started the Rockets week with them going on to reverse their luck winning all 4 games. Oklahoma City Thunder"

Any stat heads out there? Nylon Calculus does a bunch of cool advanced stats work and if you are a basketball fan in any capacity you should be into analytics. Knowing about pace and effective field goal percentage simply make you a smarter fan. The Rockets get more points from the foul line than any other team in the league – and this graphic makes a nice illustration of how the penalty affects both offense and defense.

Team Penalty Statistics [Nylon Calculus – Matt Femrite]

"Going over each team doesn’t feel too productive right now, though, as we’re only two weeks into the season. In time, we’ll see how the penalty impacts defenses that are more physical and if the Houston Rockets and , the top two teams in free throw rate last year, have noticeable differences in their scoring. Sacramento Kings"

Rockets… assemble! Terrance Jones is back, and now so is Patrick Beverley. This is a big deal – no one can talk about the 2015 Western Conference Finals without wondering how Beverley would have impacted Steph Curry defensively. Bev is a key piece to the puzzle, and keeps James Harden and Ty Lawson off the floor together.

Beverley returns to practice [Houston Chronicle – Jonathan Feigen]

"Rockets guard , who had been out since suffering a concussion against the Orlando Magic on Nov. 4, returned to practice Tuesday and said he “felt good. Pat   Beverley"

The Swiss Roll? It may not roll off the tongue smoothly, but the nickname perfectly fits Clint Capela. He’s a spitting image of Orlando Magic era Dwight Howard, who gives Houston a constant big man presence off the bench. With Howard showing him the ropes, they sky is the limit for Capela in a league loving the pick-and-roll.

Clint Capela is dominating the pick-and-roll, earning his nickname [The Dream Shake – Ethan Rothstein]

"The numbers bear it out: through Saturday’s games, he’s averaging 1.18 points per possession as the roll man in the PnR, scoring on 63.6% of his rolls, putting him in the 79th percentile in the league. Part of the reason that he’s so effective is he’s been insane at finishing: The Swiss Roll is shooting 79.4 percent from the floor, leading the NBA, among players with at least 11 attempts"

As for your tweet of the day, check out our boys lending a helping hand to the Community Center with some troops. It just makes Dwight more lovable than he already is (he is lovable by the way).

Howard, Lawson & Capela helping renovate MECA Community Center with local military organizations. #HoopsForTroopspic.twitter.com/PkJrTB3uSE

— Houston Rockets (@HoustonRockets) November 10, 2015

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The on-court product from Brooklyn will be bad tonight – there’s no way around it. There will be many bad shots from Jarrett Jack and you will feel bad for Lionel Hollins. But, it more than likely will lead to a Rockets win and that thought should get you through the rest of your work day. Happy Wednesday y’all.