Houston Rockets Daily Rocket Science: How nice was 1994?


You certainly hear a lot about the Houston Rockets in the news lately – but not for good reasons.

When you type “Houston Rockets” into google, the depressing reminder of the 1994 teams previously unprecedented 15-0 start leads the results now that Golden State has matched the record and will more than likely leave it in the dust – wiping any memory of it ever happening in the first place.

Then following in is two more losses over the weekend at the hands of the Memphis Grizzles and the Zinger. All more fuel to pour on the raging tire fire that has been this season.

Then to wrap it all up, sprinkle in the rumors of the team hating James Harden and Dwight Howard wanting to be traded. It’s the perfect recipe for the season from hell, and we’re all living in it.

So take this time to consume your new fate, living in a world where the Rockets are becoming slowly more irrelevant in title talks and more relevant in draft lottery talks.

Houston Rockets news and notes from around the web

The Rockets aren’t the only ones getting their ass kicked on the court – their mascot is joining in on the fun too. Clutch was on a mission to antagonize Robin Lopez the entire game on Saturday and it did not sit well with Lopez, who already has a history with assaulting mascots. Take a look at what happened here:

Rockets mascot Clutch assaulted by Robin Lopez [The Dream Shake – Ryan Dunsmore]

"Robin Lopez processed to choke Clutch and knock Clutch to the ground. I’m not sure Lopez knows how to use a fire extinguisher because he rubbed the side of it on Clutch’s face while he was on the ground."

I’m note sure how “official” the Howard trade rumors are, but they are getting some play on the internet. It’s no question Dwight hasn’t been the sole reason for Houston’s problems this year, but a center who can’t play back-to-backs is a problem. With James Harden being a key yet unstable centerpiece, maybe it is time to consider bringing in a level headed big man to even out the chaos.

NBA Rumors: Dwight Howard demands trade from Houston Rockets? [Sportsblog.com – Marc Cantave]

"The Houston Rockets are imploding and it wouldn’t be surprising if they traded Dwight Howard. The Howard/Harden experiment hasn’t worked the minute it was formed and the Rockets should get as much pieces as they can. We all know how Howard gets when he’s in situations he doesn’t like and if the rumors are true, he may be a distraction to a team that’s already heading south."

Need some pick-me-ups? Here’s the Houston Chronicle’s Jonathan Feigen offering up some optimism on how the Rockets can get their mind right during this two day break. Getting healthier should be the main takeaway from the article, and in all fairness it could be one of the reasons the Rockets have looked as bad as they have. Still, there’s a lot more that needs fixing aside from some healthy bodies on the floor.

Days off offer opportunity for Rockets to right ship [Houston Chronicle – Jonathan Feigen]

"Guard Pat Beverley, out since spraining an ankle Nov. 13, is expected to return to practice Monday and to play Wednesday against the Grizzlies. The Rockets hope Howard can be cleared to start playing both games in back-to-backs with the Rockets’ next set of two games in as many nights coming on the road Sunday against the Knicks and Monday against the Pistons. Donatas Motiejunas, who has not practiced since back surgery last spring, is scheduled for an examination Dec. 1 that could clear him to begin workouts with the team."

Finally, we have something new at Space City Scoop that you should be checking out. Editor Tamberlyn Richardson and Senior Writer Anthony Nguyen are going to be answering your questions during a weekly segment called “NBA Sideline Chirps”. The first edition dropped Sunday, so take a look here:

Space City Scoop Introduces – NBA Sideline Chirps [Space City Scoop – Tamberlyn Richardson]

"I often wonder how a team feels when a player like Harden gets all the accolades for winning. Last season , and were equally relevant in the wins the Rockets amassed with so many out injured, yet they never received even half the praise Harden did. Granted, it was still Harden who made the clutch shots, but if those 3 aren’t spearheading a top 10 defense and adding value offensively it doesn’t matter what Harden does. Trevor Ariza Patrick Beverley Donatas Motiejunas"

Hey, while the team is sucking it up at least Dwight can still have some fun with it. Here he is feeding needy kids while wearing a Turkey on his head.

Dwight having fun with the kids at the Fifth Ward Enrichment Program. #RocketsGiveBackpic.twitter.com/qdNqzeEaqX

— Houston Rockets (@HoustonRockets) November 22, 2015

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I have nothing else to say about the Rockets. Who would have thought in 2015, of all the teams this city has the Rockets would come out looking the worst? Heck, even the Texans look half-decent right now.