Houston Rockets Daily Rocket Science: D-Mo is good to go


For the first time this season, the Houston Rockets have something to cheer about.

Donatas Motiejunas is finally healthy, after being out for the beginning of this season and the 2015 playoffs – the seven-foot tall shooter is back. D-Mo is great at stretching the floor and can hopefully help with the Rockets three-point shooting (29th in the league).

As much as I like Motiejunas, defense isn’t his strength and that’s where the Rockets really need help. Nothing has happened in between now and yesterday to make me think the D will improve… so you’ll have to excuse my pessimism.

My bleak outlook wasn’t made any better by Ty Lawson trade rumors, so that makes two key Rockets (Dwight Howard being the other) who could be out the door. The harder pill to swallow is the real problem, James Harden, is untradeable. So either Harden fixes his ills, or more bodies will fall.

Lawson rumors, Motiejunas updates, and dork elvis pressers all headline todays news. Take a read and try to stay happy as Anthony Davis awaits tonight.

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D-Mo is green lit – and not in the bad, you-pissed-off the cartel way. When he’ll get back on the court is still up-in-the-air right now, but he will start practicing today and hopefully get into game shape soon. Health has been an underlying problem this season and an extra body will help… but D-Mo’s defense isn’t good enough to make a real difference on the biggest problem.

Rockets’ Donatas Motiejunas: Cleared to practice Wednesday [CBS Fantasy NBA – Rotowire]

"It appears Motiejunas’ return is on the horizon, as he’ll be available to practice with the Rockets Wednesday. If Motiejunas is able to participate fully in practice for a few days without any setbacks, there’s a possiblity he’ll be able to return to game action when the team embarks on a road trip early next week to take on the Nets and Wizards."

What to do with Ty Lawson… Fansided will let you know! In all fairness, it seems a little early to already be dealing Lawson. I personally don’t know where you send him, what you get in return and how it will ultimately affect the team. Gauge your interests in who gets brought up in this list, I find the Phoenix Suns particularly interesting.

NBA Trade Rumors: Five potential destinations for Ty Lawson [Fansided NBA – Charles Rahrig V]

"Trading Lawson might not be hard because his contract isn’t guaranteed next year, but he’s not going to get much in return for Lawson and may have to give up a future asset to get rid of him. So if the Rockets are indeed serious about moving Lawson, there should be some deals to be made that could benefit both them and the team that they are trading with."

If there is one figure for the Rockets who can give you hope, it’s Daryl Morey. Morey has built this team up and knows it better than anyone. Sure, it’s been built up to be a wreck… but in his mind nothing is unsalvageable. Morey is going to keep making moves until something works, or until it completely falls apart.

Houston Rockets GM Daryl Morey: ‘We Believe in This Group’ [Bleacher Report NBA – Jonathan Feigen]

"“Obviously, we had a very tough start, but our focus ’t changed,” Morey said. “Our ultimate goal is to get deep in the playoffs and ultimately farther than we have last year, even.  Obviously, in the middle of us not playing well, that seems like a tougher statement to make, but our focus ’t changed.” hasn hasn"

It’s time for another edition of “the Rockets are bad”. Up now are the guys at Red94, who aren’t pointing out anything new but are just so darn good at writing. Kevin McHale shouldn’t have been fired, Ty Lawson is a mess, the defense is bad… you know the drill.

The Houston Rockets are absolutely terrible [Rahat Huq – Red94]\

"What transpired in November is one of the most baffling months I can remember as a fan of this team.  With a roster stacked two-deep at each position, and a returning core fresh off a conference finals appearance, this team entered the season poised to seriously compete for the title.  Suddenly, the same unimaginative offense of years past has produced underwhelming results, with both James Harden and the shooters surrounding him going completely ice cold.  The defense has been downright embarrassing.  Were Josh Smith and Donatas Motiejunas that critical?"

You guys remember Chandler Parsons? I liked him, he was a good Rocket. But this picture is funny and sad, so I thought I’d share it. Enjoy:

Chandler Parsons visiting the memorial to his Houston Rockets career. #RIP#DameDidItpic.twitter.com/0f9poPZerS

— Basketball Forever (@Bballforeverfb) December 2, 2015

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Who wins the battle of disappointments tonight? The injury-ridden New Orleans Pelicans or the completely incompetent Houston Rockets? Take a drink, and take your pick.