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Sigh… how the mighty have fallen.

Kobe Bryant will go down as one of the 10 to 15 greatest players in the history of the NBA, depending on who you put in front of him. He doesn’t deserve what’s going on right now with the Los Angeles Lakers, even though it’s mostly his fault.

Bryant is the 40 year-old, recently divorced woman who still thinks she can flaunt her self around like she’s 18 again. But eventually, the divorcee realizes she no longer has it and has to step back and look a the bigger picture. Bryant has yet to have this moment of self-realization and at this rate I don’t think he ever will.

Growing up a fan of the Rockets I would marvel watching Bryant and his mighty Lakers clash with the Jeff Van Gundy Houston Rockets – led by stars like Tracy McGrady, Yao Ming and Steve Francis. It was those match ups in the Western Conference that made me a basketball fan.

Those memories of Kobe taking on T-Mac are what makes watching the current Lakers so painful. From Kobe’s delusional style of play to Byron Scott’s puzzling strategy with how he’s managing this team, it’s truly a shame to see this once proud organization rot like week-old road kill.

On the flip side, it should make for an easy victory for the Rockets on Saturday. The Lakers are 3-19 this season and will be coming off a presumed loss to the San Antonio Spurs – not a good combination having to head to the Toyota Center.

While a Rockets win is fun as a Rockets fan, I’m not sure it outweighs what I’ll be feeling as an NBA fan when Kobe is 2-15 in the fourth quarter and his team down by 20 points.

Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

Houston Rockets news and notes from around the web

Anyone noticed how Dwight Howard doesn’t seem to have the ball in his hands as much  as he used too? Well, there are numbers to support it here. Howard’s role in the offense has been diminished – from pick-and-roll lobs to post-ups on the block, he’s just not getting the touches he used too. With all the miles he’s accumulated and his declining health – maybe it’s the right way to go with all the other scoring options the Rockets have.

Rockets’ Dwight Howard patiently waiting for his shot [Houston Chronicle – Jonathan Feigen]

"Howard has been the target on just 32 pick-and-rolls this season, fewer than 52 other players. He has been effective on those plays, averaging 1.13 points per pick-and-roll possession and making 60.7 percent of his shots on those plays. But with the move to add Clint Capela to the starting lineup, the Rockets have roughly divided their pick-and-roll passes evenly between their starting big men."

As they days wear on, the thought of Markeiff Morris in a Houston Rockets jersey seems more and more of a plausible thing. More of these articles keep flowing through the internet citing Morris as all but guaranteed to be out of Phoenix by the deadline. These same articles all see the Rockets as the most popular landing sight, whether or not it takes Terrence Jones or Ty Lawson or both to get him here. One things for certain – this roster won’t be the same after the deadline.

NBA AM: Is It Time To Make A Trade? [Basketball Insiders – Steve Kyler]

"There is a sense that Morris is going to be moved; the question is where? The Rockets seem motivated to make a deal on a number of fronts and they do have the smaller contract pieces that could get a deal done."

I normally try to mix up my source articles for the DRS, but I’m too much of a data-driven geek to resist stuff like this. As the numbers prove, Clint Capela has been the best two-way player for the Rockets this season. He is an efficiency wet dream: he takes smart shots at a high percentage and is an effective rim protector/pick-and-roll switcher. He is a perfect compliment when Howard is off the floor and his ceiling is sky high at 21 years old.

Clint Capela has been the Rockets’ best two-way player so far [Matt Rothstein – The Dream Shake]

"Clint Capela is in 9 of the Rockets’ best 11 lineups in terms of net rating, a significant enough number to say that he’s been an integral part of the team’s best play. Although we didn’t need these lineups to know that — he’s the only Rocket with significant playing time and a positive net rating on the season."

Don’t forget fans! Do your duty and vote for the All-Star game. I’m not using this blurb on the argument on whether or not fan voting is dumb – it is a strict reminder to vote for your Rockets and make sure we represent in Canada. That argument is for another day.

To vote the Beard to the 2016 All Star Game, simply RT this or write your own post with: JAMES HARDEN #NBAVOTEpic.twitter.com/0pMu44FcbT

— Houston Rockets (@HoustonRockets) December 10, 2015

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Enjoy your weekend friends! Take this workday slow and steady knowing you have no games to catch and beer will await you no matter what time you get off. Just know when you do watch the Rockets and Lakers Saturday night, what you’re watching is sad – not fun.