Houston Rockets Daily Rocket Science: So much for resurgence


Do you see why I am always hesitant to make a proclamation with these Houston Rockets?

One night they’re boat racing the Los Angeles Clippers and now they’re losing to the Orlando Magic. As a fan, nothing irritates me more than inconsistency – and that’s the only thing that’s been consistent with the Rockets this season.

Putrid games from Trevor Ariza and Patrick Beverly totaled in Houston’s loss Wednesday night, making me all the more nervous about what could happen on Christmas against the San Antonio Spurs.

That “nervousness” I speak of goes in both directions too. A good kind of anxious to see if Houston plays up to their competition – and a bad kind of dread knowing an ass whooping could be unwrapped on Friday too.

It’s the worst kind of feeling as a fan – never knowing what’s going to happen on game day. That’s where the Rockets are now. Total uncertainty.

As long as there’s total uncertainty, things will never go back to normal. Although, this season I’m not sure what normal even is.

Houston Rockets news and notes from around the web

This is something that could be interpreted as encouraging. Dwight Howard and James Harden are aware they have “issues” – whether those issues be chemistry related or not. This piece in particular focuses on the chemistry aspect of this odd relationship. Whether it be extra hours in the gym or chilling outside of work – anything at this point is worth trying. The two of them actually played well last night, but they better hope the chemistry can rub off on everyone else.

James Harden And Dwight Howard Are Putting In Extra Hours To Improve Chemistry [Uproxx – Jack Winter]

"Either way, it’s certainly encouraging that he and Harden have put any real or perceived differences aside by putting in extra hours simultaneously. That’s exactly the type of leadership the Rockets need to continue improving and make good on preseason expectations of championship contention."

This nugget from RealGM is short but helpful, so I won’t spoil the minimal details within it. I will say this, is isn’t encouraging for anyone wanting to get anything for Ty Lawson.

Rockets Finding Minimal Ty Lawson Trade Options [RealGM Wiretap]

"“The only team that makes sense already has [Rajon] Rondo,” an Eastern Conference executive said in reference to the Sacramento Kings. “There’s no market.”"

To finish things up, let’s take a look into the crazy career of Yao Ming. Ming has plenty of productive seasons in the NBA, although they never translated into playoff success. When he wasn’t hurt, Ming was one of the best players in the game – a 19 point – 9 rebound player for his career. He missed 170 games in his eight NBA seasons, leaving a lot of “what ifs” behind. This piece talks about a broader impact, so I won’t spoil any of it here.

Yao Ming’s Impact on the NBA and CBA [Space City Scoop – Coty Davis]

"Although he made the Rockets a solid contender in the Western Conference, off the court is where Yao made his biggest impact on the game. A global icon who bridged the gap between China and the NBA, Time Magazine listed Yao among the world’s Most Influential People in the World in 2004."

After tonights game, I’ll just leave this here.

One day a teen is going to ask Michael Jordan why he's always crying & someone will have to show MJ this meme. pic.twitter.com/twUYajstyy

— BuzzFeed Sports (@BuzzFeedSports) August 4, 2015

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Before I forget, merry Christmas Eve y’all! I know going to sleep tonight will be very tough, but knock back some Zquil and the rest will just work itself out. Have a splendid holiday everyone – and don’t let the Rockets spoil the next two days.