NBA Power Ranking Lists: How Pundits Rank Houston Rockets Week 9


The lists for week 9 of the 2015-16 season in the books and with that the new NBA Power Ranking lists are out, so lets take a look at where the Houston Rockets were ranked.

In Week 9 the Houston Rockets got another split result once again beating the more difficult (higher ranked) teams and losing to the lower seeded teams. Charlotte and San Antonio were the teams the Rockets bested, the latter in arguably their best defensive game this season. Then instead of building momentum by taking care of business versus Orlando  or New Orleans they let both games slip away with lack of effort and concentration in short spans of the game.

Next up the Rockets will endure potentially their most difficult week of the year as they play the East’s second place Atlanta Hawks Tuesday, the League’s best Golden State Warriors Thursday and the San Antonio Spurs (who’ll surely be seeking revenge for the Christmas Day loss) on Saturday.

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Here’s the updated NBA Power Ranking Lists of how the pundits rank the Houston Rockets for week nine:

John Schuhmann of drops the Rockets despite their big win over the Clippers. Full week 9 list.  Schuhmann offers some hope regarding this head scratching team in terms of their defensive effort lately:

Remember I told you Matt Moore of CBS had been dying to move the Rockets up and been perhaps their greatest cheer leader? Well this week he got a chance to do something about it when the Rockets beat the Spurs and therefore vaulted them up 8 spots. This week we’ll see if they don’t take two of three how he ranks them in week 10. Complete list.

Marc Stein ESPN  Stein also moves the Rockets up though not quite as high as his counterpart Moore. Still a 3 rung jump is significant and he’s also seeing signs of the Rockets improvement. Full List.

Jeremy Woo of Sports Illustrated ranks the Rockets 16th, one spot above last week and like the rest of us says their season of unexpected twists feels appropriate.

USA Today Panels drops the Rockets into 16th and while I’m including their listing, I’ll note their power ranking list feels more like a throw away (or everyone else does this so we should too) than a legitimate list.

And Finally I bring back Jeff Sagarin USA Today (since the above list just doesn’t seem to cut it and this one is the absolute opposite offering everything including the kitchen sink). Of note if you go to the far right of his chart you’ll note the Rockets have been the 9th best team in recent weeks! Full List:

That wraps up the National Media NBA Power Ranking Lists for Week 9 of the season. My list will be up later this week. What are your thoughts on how the pundits ranked the Rockets? Let us know in the comments section below.

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