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Mar 6, 2016; Toronto, Ontario, CAN; Houston Rockets center Dwight Howard (12) dunks the ball against Toronto Raptors in the second quarter at Air Canada Centre. Mandatory Credit: Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports
Mar 6, 2016; Toronto, Ontario, CAN; Houston Rockets center Dwight Howard (12) dunks the ball against Toronto Raptors in the second quarter at Air Canada Centre. Mandatory Credit: Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports /

With an impressing win in the 6ix Sunday, the Houston Rockets are still in the rat race in the Western Conference!

For a majority of the season, the Houston Rockets were viewed as the biggest laughing stock in the association. Just three weeks ago, it seemed as if every game the Rockets played became a nightmare for Houston fans.

Fast forward to today. Although they are still ranked as the eighth best team in the Western Conference, the Rockets have kept their playoff hopes alive. After an impressive win against one of the league’s best, fhe Toronto Raptors, the Rockets looked poised to make one more run.

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Unless the Rockets become the first NBA team to win a championship as an eighth seed, there will be plenty of changes to Houston’s roster this summer. The free agency season is still a few months away, but the Rockets have a few speculations about potential moves.

Their most recent rumor for the summer comes from ESPN Tim MacMahon. He may not be Kevin Durant, but according to MacMahon, the Rockets are one of the several teams interested in pursuing Chandler Parsons in July.

"“The list of teams interested in Parsons will be long, with sources expecting the ,  ,  ,  ,  ,  ,   and Magic to be among Parsons’ suitors. If Durant leaves Oklahoma City, add the Thunder to the list, with a potential reunion with Parsons’ coach at Florida, Billy Donovan.” Miami Heat Los Angeles Lakers Brooklyn Nets New York Knicks Portland Trail Blazers Houston Rockets Denver Nuggets"

While Chandler Parson is having his best season since leaving Houston two years ago, it is highly likely that Parsons will test the free agency market this summer. Although I was never a big fan of the Florida native, resigning Parsons will be huge for the Rockets, especially if Dwight Howard returns.

Just imagine a front court of Parsons alongside Howard and Trevor Ariza. Perhaps, James Harden would no longer have to carry the offensive load for the Rockets. Regardless of the summer moves, no experiment can be worst than Ty Lawson.

Despite an awful stop in Houston, Lawson is on his way to Indiana.  However, not everyone in Clutch City has forgiven Lawson for his lone season in Houston. According to Space City Scoop writer, Andre Cantalogo, he feels that Lawson’s failure in Houston is his own fault.

"and in fact  “At first glance all of those arguments seem valid make sense. The problem is it’s hard to accept the answer is that simple especially when we’re talking about high-level players in the best basketball league on the planet. It’s also painful to concede that even if all those arguments add up there wasn’t anything else the players or the staff could do to adapt or find answers.”"

Have to admit, my fellow co-writer did a phenomenal job breaking down Lawson’s issues with the Rockets. However, it’s hard to believe Lawson is at fault for his failures in Houston. I expressed this theory in January, and it is worth repeating, James Harden’s style of play is the reason for Lawson’s failures.

Not taking anything away from Harden, but if Lawson had the ball more often, they could have put together the third best backcourt in the association. Harden dominates the ball so much that I’m not convinced he would allow Chris Paul or Rajon Rondo to be the primary ball handler on the court. As a fan, I hate to see Lawson go. However, both Cantalogo and I wish you the best with the Pacers!

Speaking of Chef Harden, but there is a new mixtape which features some of the Bearded One’s best moments in Clutch City.

Other than the push-off on the GOAT Kobe Bryant, this is one of the best career highlights of James Harden. Just watching this video alone is a reminder of how great Harden has become since his arrival four years ago.

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