Houston Rockets Social Buzz: Ryan Anderson Off Season

Feb 27, 2016; New Orleans, LA, USA; New Orleans Pelicans forward Ryan Anderson (33) moves past Minnesota Timberwolves forward Adreian Payne (33) during the second half of a game at the Smoothie King Center. The Timberwolves defeated the Pelicans 112-110. Mandatory Credit: Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports
Feb 27, 2016; New Orleans, LA, USA; New Orleans Pelicans forward Ryan Anderson (33) moves past Minnesota Timberwolves forward Adreian Payne (33) during the second half of a game at the Smoothie King Center. The Timberwolves defeated the Pelicans 112-110. Mandatory Credit: Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports /

While Houston Rockets social media slowed the pursuit and eventual signing of Ryan Anderson provided much of the activity.

Ryan Anderson became the Houston Rockets first major Free Agent signing.

Certainly the major story line for the Houston Rockets revolved around which major free agent the team would sign.

Though the most coveted free agent Kevin Durant didn’t take a meeting with H-Town and Al Horford chose the Celtics it was Ryan Anderson who ultimately landed in Houston.

Looking back here’s the most intriguing tweets and social media activity of Ryan Anderson’s free agency:

The Rockets are meeting with #RyanAnderson today https://t.co/v7yxJAgjxK pic.twitter.com/m2pAmvHoJR

— Zesty Rockets News (@zesty_rockets) July 3, 2016

#ClutchCity #RedNation #Rockets Why Ryan Anderson makes sense in Houston https://t.co/F5rtlOYsSX

— Rockets Fans (@RocketsViews) July 3, 2016

Ryan Anderson and Eric Gordon doesn't solve Rockets' defensive issues (by @RobMahoney) https://t.co/UDZRCHlZ6E pic.twitter.com/hMcrACX2il

— SI NBA (@si_nba) July 3, 2016

The more I look at this ascending contract that the Rockets signed Ryan Anderson to, the less it sounds like a Daryl Morey-type move.

— Red Nation Hoops (@RedNationHoops) July 3, 2016

The Rockets and Ryan Anderson have reportedly reached an agreement on a 4-year, $80M deal. https://t.co/6ccyvJaaZZ pic.twitter.com/0fyfXd1Bpk

— Michael E (@MikeLovesSports) July 3, 2016

New Rockets Eric Gordon & Ryan Anderson had 2 of the 6 worst defensive ratings among players w/30+ mpg in 2015-16. https://t.co/Ty25cptbus

— StatMuse (@statmuse) July 3, 2016

In 2017, Ryan Anderson's salary will comprise ~18% of the projected salary cap. In 2014 cap terms, that's an $11.3M salary. #Relativity

— David Weiner (@BimaThug) July 3, 2016

⚡️ “The Rockets make a free agent splash by adding Ryan Anderson”https://t.co/kE1DHnAFIs

— び (@nxppyheadd) July 3, 2016

NBA free agency: Rockets sign Ryan Anderson, Eric Gordon https://t.co/ulcn9BFgWs

— Matteo Urella (@MatteoUrella) July 3, 2016

Do you like Ryan Anderson and Eric Gordon coming here to the Rockets?

— Bregman's Intellect (@ConnorZW) July 3, 2016

Glad to have worked with @ryananderson33. One of the best humans I can think of. His Toys 'R Us shopping spree with NOLA kids = pure joy.

— Ryan Doyle (@rdoyle79) July 3, 2016

Reviews: Ryan Anderson addition a good fit for Rockets … at one end https://t.co/msgPzcYfnH

— Chronicle Sports (@ChronSports) July 3, 2016

Stumbled on email of odds where FAs would end up. Rockets were 2nd choice to get Ryan Anderson. Mavs not listed in HBarnes odds. #vegasknows

— Eddie Sefko (@ESefko) July 3, 2016

At @TodaysFastbreak, I wrote about the #FantasyBasketball impact of Ryan Anderson & Eric Gordon going to Houston: https://t.co/aQQd2rZL0M

— Bryan Toporek (@btoporek) July 3, 2016

Why Ryan Anderson makes sense in Houston https://t.co/u3YZOpGXhf pic.twitter.com/odJvoPoNnb

— Houston Rockets (@HoustonRRockets) July 3, 2016

More proof of the NBA being rigged imo. Ryan Anderson and Eric Gordon BOTH featured on this seasons Rockets tickets pic.twitter.com/M2IrrSeCuR

— Trew 2 The Game (@Trew2TheGame) July 3, 2016

Grades: Rockets sign Ryan Anderson, Eric Gordon https://t.co/977deNjvif pic.twitter.com/WCwHNSpefF

— Trendolizer (@Trendolizer) July 3, 2016

Yikes. https://t.co/nna7MuCppN
This will forever be my favorite memory of Ryno @ryananderson33!!!!! Good luck in Houston playa

— Dirk Diggler (@Mr_NastyTime623) July 4, 2016

Ryan Anderson bounces to Rockets on $80 million deal – CSN Mid https://t.co/tpxmwVKaBQ

— Marcin Gortat (@GortatNews) July 4, 2016

Check out Ryan Anderson's HEAT CHART #Rockets #Anderson #HeatChart pic.twitter.com/xoNzMcPqUi

— Space City Scoop (@SpaceCity_Scoop) July 4, 2016

For your perusal: Ryan Anderson Shot Chart #Rockets #Anderson #ShotChart pic.twitter.com/EGH0ymEoMI

— Space City Scoop (@SpaceCity_Scoop) July 4, 2016

With as much as I joked about Harrison Barnes, I would’ve rather us given him the money he’s getting than Ryan Anderson.

— RedNinetyFour (@RedNinetyFour) July 4, 2016

New #Rockets guard Eric Gordon (@TheofficialEG10) thrilled to still be playing with forward @ryananderson33. pic.twitter.com/2mkB7zLtlp

— Mark Berman (@MarkBermanFox26) July 4, 2016

NEW: My column on what adding Ryan Anderson and Eric Gordon means for the #Rockets, and why it's more than shooting:https://t.co/Q3UscuB2vo

— Ben DuBose (@BenDuBose) July 4, 2016

Ryan Anderson's and Eric Gordon's shot charts from last season pic.twitter.com/ye3K8Igt0y

— ad➡️hou (@ad2hou2021) July 5, 2016

Houston Rockets: Analyzing Ryan Anderson https://t.co/1vZtI1zSWm

— Rockets Update (@RocketsUpdate) July 5, 2016

ICYMI: We explore how Durant picking GS impacts the #Rockets. Plus, early thoughts on Ryan Anderson and Eric Gordon:https://t.co/QrRQ907udM

— Red & Orange Report (@RedOrangeReport) July 5, 2016

Forward @ryananderson33 on the #Rockets pitch and @JHarden13: pic.twitter.com/g0awQ5M2wW

— Mark Berman (@MarkBermanFox26) July 5, 2016

Were Ryan Anderson & Eric Gordon signings good moves & what was KD thinking?
Listen to @jimmycomix in today's show!https://t.co/MnOQn3NCyw

— Houston Sports Talk (@HSTPodcast) July 5, 2016

#Rockets forward @ryananderson33: "@JHarden13 would let me know he wanted me to be there & that meant a lot to me." pic.twitter.com/cmiH70pBvI

— Mark Berman (@MarkBermanFox26) July 5, 2016

#Rockets F @ryananderson33: "I still look at myself as the chubby, little high school kid who nobody's recruiting." pic.twitter.com/msorE5RiZF

— Mark Berman (@MarkBermanFox26) July 5, 2016

Ryan Anderson’s excitement about D’Antoni makes me imagine the excitement fat people feel seeing weight loss programs promising no exercise

— RedNinetyFour (@RedNinetyFour) July 6, 2016

#SportsScoop – Ryan Anderson: 'With much given, much is expected' https://t.co/EGdycEGghX

— FOX26Houston (@Fox26Houston) July 6, 2016


Ryan Anderson is excited to play for Mike D'Antoni https://t.co/J5q0rLgRYd pic.twitter.com/ZSa22shFr8

— Hoop Ball (@HoopBallTweets) July 6, 2016

Forward Ryan Anderson in town with some thoughts for #Rockets fans: "It's been awhile since I've been this excited." pic.twitter.com/rkhQiwShte

— Mark Berman (@MarkBermanFox26) July 7, 2016

.@ryananderson33: post-up efficiency was 9th in the NBA (min. 100 post plays). He was ahead of @aldridge_12, @kevinlove & @boogiecousins.

— Pete Newmann (@petenewmann) July 7, 2016

How good is Ryan Anderson going to be over the next seven years? pic.twitter.com/yzQHqOMY7n

— CARMELO (@538CARMELO) July 7, 2016

Ryan Anderson e Eric Gordon serão apresentados amanhã às 11h (horário de Brasília) em Houston. pic.twitter.com/XGhEhAL4RM

— Red Nation Brasil (@RedNationBR) July 8, 2016

GM Daryl Morey officially announces the newest members of the Houston Rockets, Ryan Anderson and Eric Gordon! pic.twitter.com/Goqao3ze5b

— Houston Rockets (@HoustonRockets) July 9, 2016

Ryan Anderson: "I think James [Harden] is the best player in the NBA." Says he's excited to get more open threes. pic.twitter.com/L2JDo006Kb

— Ben DuBose (@BenDuBose) July 9, 2016

"He [Gordon] was actually the first guy I called after I made the commitment to come to HOU. I wanted him to come along." – Ryan Anderson.

— Red Nation Hoops (@RedNationHoops) July 9, 2016

Morey says he thinks Ryan Anderson is best floor-spacing 4 in NBA. #Rockets

— Brian T. Smith (@ChronBrianSmith) July 9, 2016


Morey: "I'm not trying to say defense is (Ryan Anderson's) strength. He knows where his bread is buttered." #Rockets

— Brian T. Smith (@ChronBrianSmith) July 9, 2016

Eric Gordon and Ryan Anderson on their goals to win with the #Rockets pic.twitter.com/hgel85boLo

— Mark Berman (@MarkBermanFox26) July 9, 2016

[Oficial] @ryananderson33@HoustonRockets #LaNBAenVAVEL https://t.co/wMt4cccceW pic.twitter.com/jorUdZtZIB

— NBA VAVEL (@NBA_VAVEL) July 9, 2016

"We're not worried about Golden State. They're obviously going to be good. They may have too many chefs in the kitchen". – Ryan Anderson

— Red Nation Hoops (@RedNationHoops) July 9, 2016

Eric Gordon and Ryan Anderson both wanted to come to the #HoustonRockets because its a winning organization and play with @JHarden13


Les Alexander to Ryan Anderson: "It's going to be a fun year." pic.twitter.com/G2MOm3jn4m

— Aaron Reiss (@aaronjreiss) July 9, 2016

Ryan Anderson with his parents Jack and Sue. #Rockets pic.twitter.com/MA1pYyGgw2

— Mark Berman (@MarkBermanFox26) July 9, 2016

Ryan Anderson's mother, Sue, said "the other, bigger offer was from our hometown (Sacramento Kings)." His dad said decision was "clear cut."

— Aaron Reiss (@aaronjreiss) July 9, 2016

PHOTOS from today's introduction of @ryananderson33 & @TheofficialEG10: https://t.co/F5jA7KYJRq pic.twitter.com/t2mEazNVDR

— Houston Rockets (@HoustonRockets) July 9, 2016

Rockets Sign Free Agents Ryan Anderson and Eric Gordon

OFFICIAL PRESS RELEASE: https://t.co/4wOkXOxFNw pic.twitter.com/Vxon1jz2m8

— Houston Rockets (@HoustonRockets) July 9, 2016


Welcome to Houston @ryananderson33 ! Soon to be splashing 3s like this in a Rockets uniform https://t.co/kDpgMsmXGC

— Daryl Morey (@dmorey) July 9, 2016

Couldn't be more excited to officially join the @houstonrockets family today! I feel honored to… https://t.co/xr9yTntVhp

— Ryan Anderson (@ryananderson33) July 10, 2016

#3 for 3 Ryan Anderson… Welcome to H-Town @ryananderson33 #rockets @HoustonRockets pic.twitter.com/R1qlHr2mgN

— D-Texan (@dtexanz) July 11, 2016

Ryan Anderson's dream to play for Rockets finally comes true – Houston Chronicle https://t.co/RCHIn4GoQM

— basket (@basketnoti) July 12, 2016

Ryan Anderson will always be one of my favorites https://t.co/dKGfn2aOVJ

— Michael Sol Warren (@MSolDub) July 14, 2016

Reviewed the Rockets offseason, and how Ryan Anderson fills a spacing hole https://t.co/wujghl17p0 pic.twitter.com/a6f3rI6t2J

— Ian Levy (@HickoryHigh) July 22, 2016

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